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For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties the privacy, security, and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.View each of our multifamily storage solutions, we have videos, specifications, reviews and more.

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Bradyl Bin and Bradyl Box Video Overview

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Key Benefits of Adding Bradyl On-Site Storage


Earn up to $5 per square foot by offering quality on-site storage. Capitalize on high demand for on-site storage from Millennials expecting top-tier amenities and downsizing Baby Boomers.

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Storage is often a deciding factor among prospective residents choosing between properties. Many expect to go from home right to an activity without stopping at an off-site storage facility.


Residents will pay more for on-site storage AND pay more for Bradyl Bins than comparably priced traditional options like wire mesh. Result: you see a higher return on your storage investment.

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Our Products

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Bradyl Box

The Bradyl Box™ offers over 80 cubic feet of tenant storage in any standard sized parking space. Multi-family properties that have interior garage parking have a plethora of unused space right in front of their eyes. The Bradyl Box™ offers usable space from thin air. Offer another powerful selling point with extra on-site, at-parking-level storage for tenants. Safe, Secure, and Sustainable storage makes the most of every cubic foot.

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Bradyl Bin

The Bradyl Bin is a cutting-edge storage solution engineered to streamline organization and maximize space utilization in various environments. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, the Bradyl Bin provides a secure and efficient storage option for residential and commercial applications alike. Its versatile design enables easy customization to fit specific storage needs, while its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance.

On-Site Resident Storage by the Numbers


of renters prefer Bradyl Bins over wire mesh lockers


likely to move their off-site storage to an on-site Bradyl Bin


likely to buy or rent a Bradyl Box Storage Unit

Past Projects

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Denver, CO

Brady installed a total of 26 storage units onto the property. There is currently a waitlist for people to rent them out. The tenants pay $50 per month for small bins, and $100 per month for large storage units. Since there is a need for the storage bins, it is safe to say that installing more would be a great investment.

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Denver, CO

Bradyl went to work and installed a total of 18 ski lockers that are a custom size of 18 inches wide. These solid, secure lockers are perfect for storing skis and other skiing equipment. The storage lockers themselves are aesthetically proportioned to fit in with the modern, clean look of the apartment complex.



Washington, DC

Bradyl installed 24 units, which rent for an average of $100 each and generate approximately $28,800 per year. By adding storage units that are both secure and aesthetically-pleasing, Bozzuto management has been able to improve the property’s NOI and marketability.

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Arlington, VA

In addition to new adding a new amenity, the buzz generated by the pre-advertising resulted in all of the storage units being rented out immediately upon completion of the installation. Not only are residents able to take advantage of this on-site storage option, the property is also renting the storage units for up to $4.73 per square foot.

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Bradyl Bin
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Expertise You Can Count On

Layout Assistance

While the beauty of Bradyl Bins storage units is that storage spaces can be designed just as any other storage room you are accustomed to specifying, upon request, Bradyl is happy to assist you or make recommendations for modifications to maximize any underutilized spaces.

Professional Installation

Bradyl Bins are installed by our trained contractors. We take great pride in the quality of our work. Include Bradyl Bins in your product Specifications and General Contractors can reach out directly for a quote.


“With visible contents often stored in less secure areas of a building, wire mesh cages are soft targets. Thieves have time to discreetly search storage cages and break in if they see something valuable. Wire mesh cages weren’t built with security in mind … anything visible is more likely to be a target. I’ve seen chain links bent and pushed aside to remove items. Privacy is the biggest theft deterrent: belongings should be concealed to avoid being chosen as a target, and units should be secured. The core locks that Bradyl offers as an upgrade are an excellent added security measure. Bradyl Bins are far superior to wire mesh cages from a security standpoint.”

– Phil Meyer
Maryland Police Sergeant


Do you sell wire mesh storage?

No, we do not sell wire mesh storage. Our Bradyl Bins™ are a more secure and durable alternative to wire mesh storage. Wire mesh storage is not typically available in custom sizes, and lacks the privacy of our fully-enclosed, steel-walled on-site apartment storage units. Visit our Bradyl Bin™ page to learn more about the premier onsite storage option for multi-family properties.

Where do you work?

Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes are available Nationwide. We are headquartered near Washington D.C., but we can provide tailored storage plans no matter which state your property is located. To start the process, schedule a time for us to call you by visiting our contact page.

What are the benefits of the Bradyl Bin and Bradyl Box when compared to wire mesh for on-site storage?

For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, your residents can benefit from the privacy, security, quality, and peace of mind of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes. The opaque walls offer greater privacy and improved security. Would-be burglars can’t see inside, making residents’ belongings are more secure.

When you offer Bradyl Bins™, you can also expect to see an increase in overall marketability for your multi-family property. Eighty-five percent of renters prefer Bradyl Bins™ for on-site storage to wire mesh lockers. Moreover, the Bradyl Bin™ works with existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing configurations. This makes for a quick and painless installation that doesn’t require changing existing site conditions or sprinkler layout.

What is the estimated income that I can expect by adding the Bradyl Box or Bradyl Bin to my Multi-family property?

Bradyl Boxes™ and Bradyl Bins™ can have an extremely positive impact on NOI and CAP rates. By offering Bradyl Bins™ as on-site storage solutions, multi-family properties can earn up to five dollars per square foot. In fact, residents report that they are willing to pay up to $30 more per month for Bradyl Bins™ than they would pay for wire mesh storage. Of course, rental price per square foot is highly dependent on your geographic area and the overall amenity level offered by your property.

That said, we would be happy to help you estimate your potential earnings per square foot. Simply let us know which product you are interested in, as well as your property’s name, address, range of rents, and classification (class A, B, C, or D).

Today, demand for on-site storage is higher than ever. Whether this is a result of downsizing baby boomers, or because of millennials who expect top-tier amenities, Bradyl Storage Solutions are your opportunity to capitalize on this trend. In addition to increased revenue, on-site storage can improve occupancy rates. According to our independent survey, the availability of on-site storage is often a deciding factor among prospective residents choosing between properties.

Why do tenants prefer on-site storage to off-site storage?

On-site storage solutions offer the convenience of 24 hour access to personal belongings without the commute to and from a remote storage unit. However, most on-site storage solutions are made from wire mesh, which does not offer the privacy and security of most public storage facilities. Bradyl Bins™ are made of heavy-duty steel, bringing security and privacy onsite to apartment buildings and multifamily properties.

Who builds Storage Units?

Bradyl Storage Solutions has been building storage units for multifamily properties since 2009. Check out Bradyl’s feature in the Washington Post to learn more about how Bradyl came to be the premier solution for multifamily on-site storage.

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For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties the privacy, security and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.