Above The Hood

Storage Units

Add Over 80 Cubic Feet of Extra Storage Space to Every Parking Spot at Your Multifamily Property

For facilities with indoor or underground parking take advantage of the space above the hood of your tenants cars and trucks. The Bradyl Box, an over-the-hood garage storage solution, is an opportunity to offer your residents an extra solution that also increases revenue for your multi-family facility.

The Bradyl Box™ is a FREESTANDING storage unit that takes advantage of the extra space found above residents vehicles in every single parking space. It transforms unused (and often thought of as ‘unusable’) space that is over the hood of a parked vehicle into storage without any costly installation fees.

Resident Storage Is In Demand

A $38 billion industry, personal storage remains in high demand. J Turner Research found that 37% of tenants desire additional storage. Our study found that 98% of the time residents prefer Bradyl Bins over wire mesh lockers. Often wire mesh lockers are  located in the basement of the building and do not  offer the level of convenience, or security that Bradyl Bins provide.

Won’t Interfere With Your Residents Parking Space

The Bradyl Box™ is designed to provide a simple yet secure means of storing resident’s personal items where it is convenient: where they park. Designed to fit into any standard parking space and accommodate all cars and most SUVs and trucks. The Bradyl Box™ gives tenants a solution to their storage needs that won’t require them to pay for storage at an off-site facility or even leave their home.

A Significant Preference

Tenants claimed that extra storage space was one of the top four most valuable amenities. Just behind high-end appliances and more important than recycling, a playground, or even a dog park. Having 24-hour access is also of vital importance when it comes to apartment storage solutions. Because of the placement of the Bradyl Box™, they can access their personal items whenever they want or need.

Take advantage of the space above your tenants cars and turn it into valuable storage that brings revenue to your property.