Additional Space With Private Apartment Storage Lockers for the Downsizer

January 23, 2019

You’ve considered that your residents crave the extra space that comes with apartment storage lockers, but have you thought through what demographic of resident really needs it? Those who are downsizing from a larger space to an apartment home often need additional apartment storage space. While downsizing can be a freeing experience, no matter how efficient someone is they usually always end up with extra belongings that they just can’t part with. This is a space where you can set yourself apart from your competitors by offering on site storage through apartment storage lockers. But what types of options are out there?

Bradyl Bins

Bradyl Bins offer a private, secure, customizable option when it comes to apartment storage lockers. These safe and private storage lockers can be custom designed and configured in endless ways for the most efficient use of available space, providing a convenient storage space that’s separate yet contained within multifamily commons areas. Our Bradyl Bins are damage resistant and can be outfitted with a wide range of additional features like self-draining flooring, unit numbers, and core locks. Residents that are downsizing will appreciate these additional apartment storage lockers because they’ll keep belongings secured and away from curious eyes which can be a huge selling point when they’re deciding which community to live in.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh units are another option for installing apartment storage lockers onsite. Wire mesh lockers provide additional space for residents to secure their belongings in common areas. While this onsite storage option does provide additional space, they are typically not available in custom sizes and lack privacy. Privacy is important to residents, especially those who are downsizing. Say for example that a resident who’s downsizing has works of art that just don’t fit into their new space, but they can’t part with them. If they were to store them in a wire mesh locker, others would be able to clearly see what’s in their apartment storage lockers putting these important belongings at risk. A survey that we conducted revealed that residents are overwhelmingly concerned that when storing their belongings in wire mesh lockers, there is lack of privacy and potential theft due to exposure.

The Smart Choice

Make the smart choice for your residents by investing in Bradyl Bins. Not only will our apartment storage lockers be a selling point for downsizing residents, any resident who needs additional storage will be more likely to pay a monthly fee for the space. Our research revealed that nearly all residents are willing to pay an extra $5 for our units, and half are willing to pay an extra $30! It’s a win-win for you and for your residents!

Lindsay and her team did a great job for us at a large multi-family project we own in Northern Virginia. Her team was very effective in designing and implementing a strategy for previously unutilized space, which led to immediate increases in income.

I enjoyed working with her on this project and would recommend her services to anyone looking to add new sources of storage income across their portfolio.

– Nicolas Franzetti
Senior Vice President at ASB Capital Management