3 Ways to Create Additional
Apartment Storage for Residents


Ever wonder what it would be like to reach the end of an apartment tour only to share a newly installed amenity with a prospective tenant? Once they run through their list of questions, potential residents have pretty much weighed you against your competitor with a detailed outline of the pros and cons. Alas, you’ve yet to direct their decided mind to the additional square footage of their own storage unit..

Concerns of where to keep their bikes, skis, and additional belongings fade and your property soars to the top of their list.

But, this isn’t just for a benefit for tenants. It’s no secret that additional storage is giving property owners and managers a competitive edge and enhancing the lifestyle and living experience for their residents. However, there are several approaches taken to resolve this need. Here are 3 common ways to create additional apartment storage for residents. Discover which one works best for you and your tenants.

#1 Affiliate Off-Site Storage

Property owners who don’t want to invest in on-site storage can affiliate with a local storage business. Affiliating with a storage facility es may offer a small savings t for tenants who participate. However, it’s not likely that a tenant looking for off-site storage will choose a facility simply because of a small discount opportunity.


  •  Your property value doesn’t increase
  • The affiliate storage company pockets the income
  • It’s a challenge to compete with multifamily living that offers additional storage for residents

Offering an affiliate storage discount to tenants puts their experience in the hands of another business and can tarnish your credibility. Tenants want to know they can trust you and your affiliates with their belongings. Is it worth the risk to promote off-site storage?

#2 Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

According to a survey conducted regarding  the needs of apartment and condo tenants, the majority of respondents claimed they would likely put household appliances and furniture in onsite storage facilities- onsite storage is typically wire cages.

The majority of respondents in the survey stated  they either own or rent an on-site storage unit. 61 percent of these respondents admitted they worry someone might steal items from their wire storage cages. Also, 73 percent of respondents said they simply don’t like the fact people can see their belongings in traditional wire mesh apartment storage solutions.


  • Greater exposure to rats and the elements
  • A lack of privacy
  • Dirt and dust
  • Increased likelihood of theft
  • Looks outdated and lacks sophistication

#3 Bradyl On-Site Storage Solutions

apartment storage units that are private

Multifamily residents are desperate for privacy, security, and an efficient way to store their belongings. Bradyl storage solutions provides innovative and affordable on-site storage options for your multifamily property.

Space is never an issue for Bradyl. Bradyl Bins storage unit sizes are customizable, and the wire mesh tops allow access by existing lighting and fire suppression systems. Bradyl Boxes are freestanding, secure, economical storage lockers that provide easily-accessible storage above the hood of your residents’ cars in the parking garage.

Bradyl Storage Solutions wants the best for you and your residents and our on-site apartment storage options continue to be the top choice for hundreds of multifamily properties. The Bradyl advantages are obvious.

  • Privacy & Security that you can control
  • Convenient 24 hour access for your residents
  • Over-the-hood storage units
  • More economical than many competitors
  • Customizable, moveable container options
  • A solid return on investment

The Value of On-Site Apartment Storage
Apartment tenants length of stay at a property can vary greatly, from a minimum stay of one year to a long term residency of over ten years. With the exception of job or relationship changes, amenities are usually what makes the difference between a long-lasting resident and someone who just stays for the year and then moves on. The cost of rent is no longer the end-all-be-all. Residents are on the search for convenience, variety, options, and value.

ApartmentGuide has surveyed thousands of the most successful multi-family apartment complexes in search of the ideal apartment amenities to better understand what attracts and keeps tenants happy. Tenant storage options are an absolute must-have.

In the multi-family property business, Space Is Precious.


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