Apartment Storage Solutions for Residents

Apartment storage for residents is considered prime real estate when potential tenants are shopping around. If the toss-up between you and your competitor is the difference of a few hundred dollars but additional storage, storage always takes the cake.

According to The Balance Small Business, a lack of storage space is the #2 reason tenants vacate their apartment.

A shed or garage isn’t often provided in even the most elite of apartment complexes resulting in tenants “MacGyvering” the use of their space to store important belongings. Eventually, they feel they’ve outgrown their space when in-fact, items that should be kept in designated apartment storage for residents has taken over their home.

Safe Storage Solutions

Closets are great. But any landlord hoping it suffices as a storage unit is sadly mistaking. It’s time to stop looking within the apartment for creative storage solutions and instead provide flexible, secure, and cost-effective enclosed storage units for residents.

The Bradyl Bin has kept thousands of apartment residents from moving into a place that provides extra storage. Long gone are the basement cages that expose valuables to the elements, rats, and curious onlookers. Bradyl Bins allow tenants to store seasonal items in style while also keeping belongings safe.

This isn’t just a win for apartment residents, property managers have been limited in ways to increase the value of apartment complexes until now. Apartment storage for residents is the perfect place to start. The Bradyl Box is another option should the property not have the additional room for Bradyl Bins.

The Bradyl Box is an innovative, anti-tip and freestanding storage locker that will maximize garage space by placing easily accessible storage above the hood of the car. With multi-family properties in mind, Bradyl Box is a storage solution that promises easy installation and use.

Choosing Competitive Ammentities

Whether you choose the box or the bin, additional storage space offers immediate value to an apartment. Self-storage is a $38 billion dollar industry that relies on apartments that lack space. Bradyl Box is disrupting what renters look for and allowing apartments easy access to a high-value amenity.

Enhance your real estate’s competitive advantage with Bradyl storage solutions by:

  • Improving resident satisfaction and living experience
  • Providing a unique amenity
  • Investing in an affordable and lucrative apartment feature
  • Providing tenants style and security

Adding value to a property isn’t Bradyls only objective. On-site storage units protect the apartments from potential damage that even security deposits can’t cover. Things stored in the Bradyl Bins and Box aren’t just there to preserve space in the apartment but also to protect from scuffing walls, staining carpets, lingering odors, and more.

Is it time to add value and protect current rental assets?

Accessible and Affordable Apartment Storage for Residents

It all comes down to turning extra space on an apartment property into a positive ROI. Numbers are everything, and Bradly relies on industry research to ensure the value added to a property.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Bradyl Bins™

Cost to add a storage unit: $900

Average monthly unit off-site storage unit cost in NW Washington D.C.: $96

Revenue within 12 months: $1,152

Time to recoup investment: Less than 10 months

Bradyl offers creative storage solutions at low-risk. It’s what apartments need and tenants deserve.