Elevate Your Multifamily Projects with Premium On-Site Resident Storage

Our meticulously crafted units seamlessly integrate into your architectural designs, providing pristine aesthetics, functionality and durability. Trust Bradyl to deliver excellence, enhancing the value and visual appeal of your projects.

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Key Features and Benefits

Configure to Any Space

Our meticulously crafted units seamlessly integrate into your architectural designs, providing pristine aesthetics, functionality and durability. Trust Bradyl to deliver excellence, enhancing the value and visual appeal of your projects.

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Aesthetic for Secure living

Aesthetic Storage for Secure Living

Sleek, secure storage solutions seamlessly blend style and safety, enhancing property aesthetics while safeguarding residents’ belongings.

Seamless Integration With Current Design

Bradyl’s products integrate with existing design schemes, including fire suppression, plumbing and electrical systems without having to make changes/additions to architectural designs.

Seamless Integration with Current Design Integrates with MEP
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Quality Materials & Little to No Maintenance

Our Bradyl Bins not only offer superior on-site storage solutions for multi-family properties but they are wear-resistant and require virtually no maintenance. A one year warranty is offered on the Bradyl Bins.

Enhance the Quality of Life For Residents

Elevates residents’ quality of life by providing convenient, private organized storage options that enhance residents’ privacy and safety.

Enhance the quality of life
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Additional Revenue Stream

Add a lucrative revenue stream above and beyond what wire mesh storage units can provide by providing premium storage options to increase property value and profitability.

Our Products

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Bradyl Box

The Bradyl Box™ offers over 80 cubic feet of tenant storage in any standard sized parking space. Multi-family properties that have interior garage parking have a plethora of unused space right in front of their eyes. The Bradyl Box™ offers usable space from thin air. Offer another powerful selling point with extra on-site, at-parking-level storage for tenants. Safe, Secure, and Sustainable storage makes the most of every cubic foot.

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Bradyl Bin

The Bradyl Bin is a cutting-edge storage solution engineered to streamline organization and maximize space utilization in various environments. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, the Bradyl Bin provides a secure and efficient storage option for residential and commercial applications alike. Its versatile design enables easy customization to fit specific storage needs, while its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance.

On-Site Resident Storage by the Numbers


of renters prefer Bradyl Bins over wire mesh lockers


likely to move their off-site storage to an on-site Bradyl Bin


likely to buy or rent a Bradyl Box Storage Unit

Past Projects

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Denver, CO

Brady installed a total of 26 storage units onto the property. There is currently a waitlist for people to rent them out. The tenants pay $50 per month for small bins, and $100 per month for large storage units. Since there is a need for the storage bins, it is safe to say that installing more would be a great investment.

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Denver, CO

Bradyl went to work and installed a total of 18 ski lockers that are a custom size of 18 inches wide. These solid, secure lockers are perfect for storing skis and other skiing equipment. The storage lockers themselves are aesthetically proportioned to fit in with the modern, clean look of the apartment complex.



Washington, DC

Bradyl installed 24 units, which rent for an average of $100 each and generate approximately $28,800 per year. By adding storage units that are both secure and aesthetically-pleasing, Bozzuto management has been able to improve the property’s NOI and marketability.

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Arlington, VA

In addition to new adding a new amenity, the buzz generated by the pre-advertising resulted in all of the storage units being rented out immediately upon completion of the installation. Not only are residents able to take advantage of this on-site storage option, the property is also renting the storage units for up to $4.73 per square foot.

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Bradyl Bin
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Expertise You Can Count On

Layout Assistance

While the beauty of Bradyl Bins storage units is that storage spaces can be designed just as any other storage room you are accustomed to specifying, upon request, Bradyl is happy to assist you or make recommendations for modifications to maximize any underutilized spaces.

Professional Installation

Bradyl Bins are installed by our trained contractors. We take great pride in the quality of our work. Include Bradyl Bins in your product Specifications and General Contractors can reach out directly for a quote.


Can your storage solutions be customized to fit our specific architectural designs and space requirements?

Yes! Bradyl Bins panels are custom manufactured for each job and are factory cut down to the inch and powder coated in a variety of colors to integrate with the color scheme of your building.

Trouble-free functionality- Bradyl Bins™can be customized to fit tight spaces and awkward layouts that spell trouble for ordinary storage designs and solutions.

What materials are your storage units made from?

The storage unit doors, hallways and unit divider panels are made of corrugated 26 gauge galvanized steel.

The door frames are 20 gauge galvanized steel.

The Wire Mesh Ceiling is 16 Gauge 2”x2” (center to center) square welded wire.

The Latch is factory installed slide latch and accepts padlock and over-lock.

Can your storage units be easily integrated into our existing architectural plans without disrupting the overall design aesthetic?


What colors and finishes are available?

Hallways: Corrugated white.

Interior partitions: corrugated galvanized metal.

Doors- select for over 30 colors. Yes! Over 30! 10 standard colors and over 20 upgrade colors to choose from makes your storage area pop rather than an eyesore.

Can Bradyl Bins be installed in my parking garage if there is post tension cabling?

Yes, our floor tracks are fastened with a 3/8” pin, which will not interfere with post tension cabling. Please notify us if your project has post tension cabling and we will select the most appropriate installation tools.

How secure are your storage solutions, and what security features do they include to protect residents' belongings?

Privacy is the number one way to add security to your storage areas.

Upgraded core locks add an additional level of security as the most common form of storage unit break in is by cutting off a padlock. By using a master keyed core lock, that variable is eliminated.

Our innovative new latch design offers additional security making it even more secure than other latches found in the market. By utilizing a fold-preventing lip built into the slide, burglars cannot pry open the swing door that it’s mounted on.

ADA Compliance

Door latches are factory installed at an ADA compliant height and Bradyl offers ADA signs and latch assist kits. The ADA compliance of the design of the storage room, number of accessible sized storage units and size of accessible storage units is the responsibility of the building architect.

What is the lead time for ordering your products?

Once we are notified to proceed, lead time is typically about 12 weeks to complete final field measurements, order materials and have materials delivered to the site.

How long does it typically take for installation?

Rate of installation is dependent on the size of the job, whether all of the storage units are in one area or scattered throughout the building, if our crews are given access to all spaces as planned and if elevators are available for use. It is also dependent on the size of the crew we have available at the time of installation. We can typically install 10-20 storage units per week.

Do you offer any warranty or guarantee on your storage products, and what is the coverage?

Bradyl, LLC warrants that every mini door or building component and its hardware and fittings will be free of defects in workmanship and material for a period of ONE (1) year from the date of purchase.

This warranty is applicable only to storage units installed in the USA that have been – Installed with a fitness for a particular purpose and fit for the specific application recommended by Bradyl, LLC.

Are there any maintenance requirements or ongoing costs associated with your storage solutions?

Bradyl Bins are virtually maintenance free. We would recommend wiping with a soft cloth and mild cleanser or silicone-based restorative protectant solution yearly or between tenants.

Can you provide examples or case studies of similar residential projects where your storage solutions have been successfully implemented?

Absolutely! Please take a look at our case studies.

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For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties the privacy, security and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.