Cost Benefit Analysis of Adding Bradyl Bins to Your Property

Does your property truly have enough storage? Adding Bradyl Bins to your property can not only provide residents with the amenity of on-site apartment storage units – it can also provide additional income to your bottom line. Partnering with an experienced distributor like Bradyl Storage Solutions offers a host of benefits. From designated storage rooms to hard-to-fit spaces in under-utilized garages and basements, we can help you find the most innovative solutions for all your storage requirements. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll reap by investing in Bradyl Bins™.

Increase in Recurring Income
One of the greatest benefits to installing Bradyl Bins™ at your property is the potential recurring income. As a guide to determine rental rates, look at revenues from local storage companies near your property. You can likely charge more for storage in your building than off site competitors due to the convenience of having storage conveniently located on site with 24-hour access. Let’s take a look at a cost-benefit analysis scenario for investing in our storage solutions.

Cost Benefit Analysis for Bradyl Bins™

Cost to add a storage unit: $900
Average monthly unit off site storage unit cost in NW Washington D.C.: $96
Revenue within 12 months: $1,152
Time to recoup investment: Less than 10 months

Contact us today for your free analysis of local storage rental prices and a customized cost/benefit analysis.

Additional Benefits of Bradyl Bins™

Improved Resident Satisfaction
Having on-site storage is a much sought-after amenity. Residents prefer having access to additional storage beyond their living space and seek out properties that offer it. In fact, you could even offer a promotion to prospective residents by including a complimentary on site storage space for a pre-determined amount of time.

Setting Yourself Apart
Do your competitors provide on-site apartment storage units? Set yourself apart from other properties by investing in our premium private storage options.

Enhance Property Appearance
By providing a convenient, secure, on-site place for residents to store their items you’ll reap the benefit of a more attractive property. Instead of cluttered balconies and hallways, residents will have the ability to store things out of sight when they’re not in use. It’s a win-win!

Ease of Management
When you opt for installing Bradyl Bins™, you won’t need any additional resources or training to manage them. Our storage units integrate with the rental software that you’re already using!

Adding on-site apartment storage units with Bradyl Storage Solutions is a sound investment – not only financially but to increase the attractiveness of your property. Contact us today for your free analysis of local storage rental prices and find out how Bradyl Bins™ can benefit you!