Beyond Storage: How Your Business Benefits With Bradyl

June 23, 2019

Residents (and property owners)  are tired of underutilized space, a lack of modern amenities, and outdated apartment storage units. At first glance, the Bradyl Bin and Bradyl Box are savvy on-site storage solutions for multifamily properties. Taking a closer look, you’ll notice that these affordable amenities do far more than store belongings.

With Bradyl Storage Solutions, the notion to make on-site storage accessible to tenants is supported by a business effort to offer property managers and owners a way to generate residential revenue and turn a profit.

Hundreds of thousands of families are competitively shopping for an apartment each year and Bradyl recognizes the need for your property to stand out without costing you a fortune. Here are just some of the ways your business benefits with Bradyl.

The Power of Amenities

Competition is rife for property owners to up the amenity ante. With amenities like in-unit laundry machines and indoor swimming pools, it can feel impossible to improve or add new amenities without having to charge hundreds more in rent.

Sometimes, no matter how much you dress up the environment of an apartment or condo with gyms and lounges, residents will still want additional square footage to store their belongings.

Multifamily residents are desperate for privacy, security, and an efficient way to store their sports gear, seasonal toys, and collectables. Bradyl Storage Solutions quickly picked up on a need that had been ignored by others by offering affordable and flexible ways to provide one of the most in demand amenities that can be offered–private on-site storage.

Space is never an issue for Bradyl. Bradyl Bins storage unit sizes are customizable and there are even freestanding, secure, economical Bradyl Box storage lockers that provide easily-accessible storage above the hood of your residents’ cars.

Changing your pet policy, building a pool, or adding a gym may not be something you can easily introduce into your community easily–but now, secure and private storage is.

Optimize Space to Create a Profit

The Bradyl Box is an opportunity to add valuable storage without taking away from the individual or common area space that tenants or property management currently utilize. Configured to fit the space you currently have, the Bradyl Box allows living in an apartment or condo to be more flexible. With the ability to hold up to 900 pounds and providing 72 cubic feet of storage space, it’s the extra garage every tenant wishes they had.

Many multi-family facilities have empty space just waiting to start generating revenue. Bradyl Bins can generate revenue of up to $5 per square foot, offering an abundant and fresh opportunity to transform unused space into increased profit. Our independent survey highlights that residents will pay an additional $5-$30 more per unit for Bradyl Bins compared to the other less private options. 

Is it time to transform unused space into increased profit?

Claim a Piece of a Pricey Market

This isn’t just a win for apartment residents, it’s a win for property managers and property owners as well. Overcome the challenge of the limited ways to increase the value of apartment complexes- apartment storage units for residents are the perfect place to start. The two solutions Bradyl offers are the The Bradyl Box and the Bradyl Bins.

The Bradyl Box is an innovative, anti-tip and a freestanding storage locker that will maximize garage space by placing easily accessible storage above the hood of the car. With multi-family properties in mind, Bradyl Box is a storage solution that promises easy installation and use.

Enhance the Lifestyle & Experience of Residents

More and more properties are investing in accessories but potential tenants want utility.

It’s time to understand what it is your residents really want from their experience living in your rental property. Bradyl works closely with driven property owners in search of ways to level-up the lifestyle and amenities for their multifamily residences.

According to an Essence survey on planning, developing, and providing a better lifestyle for renters, a lack of storage was a major  downside of apartment living. 63% of respondents chose limited storage as one of the top five things they like least about apartment living. Across the full sample, the most important aspects that respondents believe must be considered to meet the needs of the community in the future are reasonable storage, adequate natural light, sufficient ventilation, and noise minimization.

63% of respondents chose limited storage as one of the top five things they like least about apartment living.

Improve Property Appearance

With the minimalistic design of the Bradyl Bin and Bradyl Box you can skip the artificial grass and fancy fountains. Improving property appearance happens when prospective tenants notice facilities they can actually use and not just look at.

Bradyl’s private  storage units are a great reminder to tenants that their belongings are close by, they’re saving hundreds each year from off-site storage, and their valuable items are being kept safe in a private enclosure. What does your property’s presentation say to current and future tenants?

Create Your Competitive Advantage with Bradyl

A recent customer was very excited to add the Bradyl Bin as an amenity but was unsure if there was enough room. Upon consultation and review, here’s what he had to say.

“Bradyl was very understanding of our needs to provide our residents with quality storage lockers.
Their product was custom tailored to fit the space available. The installation and product is top notch.”
– Property Manager of Allen & Rocks Inc.

 Whether you choose the Bradyl Box, Bin or Pod, the benefits of teaming up with Bradyl Storage Solutions are obvious. Unsure of how to take advantage of this business opportunity or if you even have the space? Reach out to us! We have a professional team that is ready to guide you through the storage options that are available to your property.