The Bradyl BinTM

Enclosed Storage Units

Enclosed Storage Units That Are Built to Last

Our enclosed Bradyl Bins™ offer the privacy and security of a public self-storage facility inside your multifamily building.

Bradyl Bin Swing Door

Swing Door

Economical corrugated swing doors require minimal headers and open a full 180°.

Bradyl Bin Slide Latch

Slide Latch

Factory installed on the swing door. Can receive a resident padlock and property management overlock.

Bradyl Bin Wire Mesh Ceiling

Wire Mesh Ceiling

2″x2″ 16-gauge wire mesh ceilings are a cost-effective theft deterrent.

Bradyl Bin Color Options

Door Color Options

Select door colors and browse upgrade options to suit your specific needs.

,For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties
the privacy, security, and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.

Bradyl Bin - Safe and secure

Safe and Secure

The added convenience of storing personal items in the same building or complex where tenants live offers a powerful sales point. The Bradyl Bin™ provides improved privacy, which is a major concern for residents storing personal items and helps to deter theft. Wire mesh storage is not designed or built with security in mind and is often an easy target, especially for ‘quick grab’ thefts.

Bradyl Bins™ are constructed with durable and damage-resistant materials and also allow for advanced locks to increase security. Our survey showed that 73% of respondents who rent wire-cage style storage at their apartment building are concerned about privacy and security.

Bradyl Bin Turn Wasted Space Into Revenue -
Bradyl Bin Turn Wasted Space Into Revenue - Before


Self-storage has become a $38 billion industry. Driven in large part by limited options in apartment and condo units, storage offers an amazing revenue generating option for multi-family facilities. Tenants may be downsizing, transitioning to a new city, or desire to safely and securely store mementos, seasonal items, or other valuables outside their living quarters. Many multi-family facilities have a goldmine of unused space just waiting to start generating revenue. Bradyl Bins™ can generate revenue of up to $5 per square foot, offering an abundant and fresh opportunity to transform unused space into increased profit. Our independent survey highlights that residents will pay an additional $5-$30 more per unit for Bradyl Bins™ compared to the other less private options.

Bradyl Bin - More attractive than wire lockers - after
Bradyl Bin - More attractive than wire lockers - before

More Attractive than Wire bulk storage Lockers

Wire mesh storage units at multi-family apartments or condos look like an afterthought. Open and exposed, tenants’ belonging lay bare for anyone to see. The Bradyl Bin™ is modeled after professional off-site storage facilities, transforming unsightly spaces into attractive and personalized secure storage. The Bradyl Bin™ is specially designed to fit into tight or awkward spaces as well as other unused areas. Privacy and customization make Bradyl Bins™ the perfect solution for bulk storage lockers. Bradyl Bins™ offer a choice of door colors and other attractive options.

Residents prefer Bradyl Bins

Residents Prefer Bradyl Bins™

Our independent survey highlights the desire among tenants to have a better storage option than wire mesh units. fact, 98% of surveyed apartment tenants chose Bradyl Bins™ over wire mesh. A growing number of apartment and condo tenants actively seek reasonable and convenient storage solutions, often moving them off-site, an inconvenience for them and a missed opportunity for your bottom line. Offer your tenants their preferred storage solution; offer them the Bradyl Bin™.

Bradyl Bin - Flexible and Customizable - After
Bradyl Bin - Flexible and Customizable - Before

Apartments, condos, or commercial. we are Flexible and Customizable

Think your property doesn’t have sufficient space for additional resident storage? Think again. Bradyl specializes in identifying often-overlooked space and implementing innovative storage solutions for these hard-to-fit or limited areas.

Bradyl Bins offer numerous enhancements and add-ons


Bradyl Bins™ are loaded with great standard features, but also offer wonderful enhancements as well. Some of our most popular are:

Master Keyed Core Lock. Improve security options by providing tenants locks that cannot be removed by bolt-cutters. A master key helps to ensure access and security when needed for management staff.

Roll-Up Doors. Roll-up doors provide even more convenience for larger units and/or tighter quarters. Roll up doors can be manufactured up to 6’0” wide and 6’10” high.

Bradyl Bins on time and on budget


Bradyl will work within your budget to help find the solution to optimize your space and meet your tenants’ storage needs. New construction projects operate on razor-thin timelines and Bradyl will ensure the addition of our units never interfere with the deadline. We have the experience to work with new construction projects to ensure Bradyl Bins™ are in place, secure, and ready when the facility opens. Our dedication to timeliness and quality is provided to all clients in both existing and new facilities.

Bradyl bins innovative storage solutions


A wire mesh storage unit may seem to be the most cost-effective solution for apartment facilities, but the Bradyl Bin™ is about the same price (or even less!) and offers a far more attractive storage option. Give the convenience, security and privacy of Bradyl Bins™, tenants are willing to pay more for Bradyl Bin™ storage. In fact, 94% of survey respondents stated they would pay $5 more per month for Bradyl Bins™ over wire mesh. 20% said they would pay $30 more per month!

The Bradyl Bin enclosed storage units
Bradyl Bins create revenue from wasted space
Bradyl Bins customizations and enhancements available

For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties privacy, security, and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.

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