Bradyl Bins can be Configured to Any Space

Maximizing space without compromising functionality or aesthetics. With Bradyl’s expert team you can leverage flexible configurations to fit virtually any space.

Bradyl Bins™ panels are custom manufactured for each job and are factory cut down to the inch to maximize all available space.

Bradyl Bins™can be customized to fit tight spaces and awkward layouts that spell trouble for ordinary storage designs and solutions.

There are no standard sizes or heights. Angled or curved walls can all be accommodated. Unit height is customized to ensure 18” clearance below sprinkler heads.

The storage unit doors, hallways and unit divider panels are made of corrugated  26 gauge galvanized steel. The Wire Mesh Ceiling is 16 Gauge 2”x2” (center to center) square welded wire. Cuts can be made in the field to manage existing site conditions and obstructions.