Bradyl Box™ Assembly Instructions

June 24, 2021

See full assembly in real time


Congratulations on your new Bradyl Box™, which will add over 80 square feet of storage to your parking space.

Before proceeding with the assembly of your Bradyl Box™, you must carefully read through the instruction manual, take note of all warnings, and familiarize yourself with the itemized list of parts

Assembly Requires Two People

Assembly of the Bradyl Box™ always requires two people, so do not proceed alone. Although the necessary hand tools are included with each unit, the assembly will be much faster if you employ power tools.

We highly recommend that before you begin to set up your Bradyl Box, you consult with an engineer to determine the most appropriate method of anchoring the anti-tip device to the wall.

Complete Each Step Before Continuing

As you assemble your Bradyl Box™, be sure to complete each step before moving on to the next one. Ensure that the correct washers and nuts have been used and that nuts are tightened appropriately. You may also choose to utilize a level to check the grade of the box.

Assembly is not considered complete and the Bradyl Box™ should not be used until you have affixed the anti-tip device to the wall. 

Helpful How-To Assemble Bradyl Box™ Videos

Below are two helpful how-to videos that demonstrate the recommended method of installation. The full-length version is a comprehensive step-by-step presentation that will guide you through the entire process. The short version is a quick tutorial that takes about a minute to watch.

Please keep safety your main priority, but have fun building your new boxes.