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Turn Limited Storage Into Lucrative Space

Our signature Bradyl Box™ is an innovative, anti-tip and free standing storage locker that will maximize garage space by placing easily accessible storage above the hood of the car


Secure Storage

Up to 900 pounds and 72 cubic feet of secured storage for residents. All in their parking space.

Easy Access

Storage right where residents need it, one-handed opening with gas-strut doors.

Built To Last

Powder-coated solid steel construction for long term over multiple turnovers.

Increase ROI

Apartments with premium parking spaces turn extra space into a positive ROI.

In the multi-family property business, Space Is Precious.


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Bradyl Box creates new revenue from your existing space

Create new revenue from existing space

Bradyl Box™ is a lockable storage unit that sits at the head of a parking space, over the hood of a parked car, allowing residents to store a large amount of their belongings in a 24/7, convenient and secure location. Designed for multifamily properties, the Brady Box™ creates the Safe, Secure, and Sustainable storage that your residents desire, from space you already have.

Bradyl Box - Solutions Your Tenants are Looking For

The solutions your tenants are looking for

Residents often believe living in an apartments means losing the convenience of on-site storage. They clutter their apartments and vehicle trunks, or worse, the apartment building’s garage. Or, renters reluctantly spend time and money on off-site storage, knowing there should be a better solution. The Bradyl Box™ is that solution.

Bradyl Box - Space is Profit - After
Bradyl Box - Space is Precious - Before

Space is Precious, with Bradyl, Space is Profit

  • Fits over all cars, SUVs and most trucks by adjusting leg height
  • Fits within standard sized parking space
  • Free standing
  • Anti-tip hardware included
  • Lockable gas strut assisted door for secure
  • Storage and ease of access
  • Powder coated paint for rust resistance
  • Safety tested
  • No minimum orders
Bradyl Box - Perfect for your tenant storage needs

Perfect For Your Tenants Storage Needs

Bikes, golf clubs, skis, sporting equipment, lawn chairs, coolers, seasonal decoration- even a surfboard will fit in a Bradyl Box™! Declutter your parking garage and balconies with Bradyl Box™. With a weight limit of an astounding 900 lbs. and 72 cubic feet of storage, the possibilities of what to store in the Bradyl Box™ are endless. Enhance convenience for your residents and improve your property’s appearance, safely and securely, right in your residents’ parking space.

Bradyl Box Sizing Chart

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The Bradyl Box over the hood storage locker
The Bradyl Box storage solution
The Bradyl Box storage above your car