The Bradyl BoxTM

Over-the-Hood Storage Units for Tenants

Renters Love Us - Over the Car Storage and Assembly Available!

Our signature Bradyl Box™ is an innovative, anti-tip and free-standing storage locker that will maximize garage space by placing easily accessible storage above the hood of any Car, Truck or SUV.

Bradyl Box - Space is Profit - After
Bradyl Box - Space is Precious - Before

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Over 80 Cubic Feet of Tenant Storage in EVERY Parking Space!


Multi-family properties that have interior garage parking have a plethora of unused space right in front of their eyes. The Bradyl Box™ offers usable space from thin air. Offer another powerful selling point with extra on-site, at-parking-level storage for tenants. Safe, Secure, and Sustainable storage makes the most of every cubic foot.


    • Fits over all cars, SUVs and most trucks by adjusting leg height
    • Fits within standard sized parking space
    • Free standing
    • Anti-tip hardware included
    • Lockable gas strut assisted door for secure open/close
    • Easy access
    • Roomy and convenient at-vehicle-storage
    • Powder coated paint offers rust resistance
    • Safety tested to UL performance standards
    • No minimum orders
    • Easy assembly and setup with two people, average 2 hours
    • Required hand tools included
    • Vented top
    • Shipping available to the contiguous United States only
    • Weather protected use only

Cost Per Unit


1-9 Units

$1499 + Shipping & Tax

10-49 Units

$1399 + Shipping & Tax

50+ Units

$1299 + Shipping & Tax


Save time and schedule an appointment today for Professional Product Assembly.

*If assembly is needed in the DC Metro area, please inquire with Bradyl directly.

Storage Solutions


A $38 billion industry, storage is in high demand. Tenants at multi-family apartments and condos spend a fortune on off-site storage solutions. The Bradyl Box™ offers a convenient, safe, and secure locking storage unit that is positioned at the head of the tenant’s designated parking space. Generate more revenue with a simple-to-install convenient option that tenants will love.

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Bradyl Box - Solutions Your Tenants are Looking For


A common concern among tenants looking for a new home is convenience and storage. Instead of congesting closets, an extra bedroom, or their vehicle with items (or worse, your parking garage), the Bradyl Box™ offers an important amenity residents have long desired. The convenience of having the Bradyl Box™ right at their interior parking space improves appeal of the facility, helping to potentially reduce turnover and minimize vacancies.

Bradyl Box - Perfect for your tenant storage needs


Tenants want and need storage. The Bradyl Box™ provides a flexible option residents can rent that not only increases potential revenue for the multi-unit facility, but that also shows tenants that the property management team cares about their specific needs. This revolutionary storage option can hold up to an astonishing 900 pounds and boasts over 80 cubic feet of storage space. No costly construction or inconvenient renovation required!


Secure Storage

Up to 900 pounds and over 80 cubic feet of secured storage for residents. All in their parking space.

Easy Access

Storage right where residents need it, one-handed opening with gas-strut doors.

Built To Last

Powder-coated solid steel construction for long term over multiple turnovers.

Increase ROI

Apartments with premium parking spaces turn extra space into a positive ROI.

Bradyl Box Sizing Chart

Weather Protected Use Only

The Bradyl Box over the hood storage locker
The Bradyl Box storage solution
The Bradyl Box storage above your car