The Bradyl BoxTM

Over the car hood storage units that offer over 80 cubic feet of tenant storage in any standard sized parking space. Multi-family properties that have interior garage parking have a plethora of unused space right in front of their eyes. The Bradyl Box™ offers usable space from thin air.

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Cost Per Unit


1-99 Units

$1499 + Shipping & Tax

Space (and profit) from thin air

Over 80 Cubic Feet of Tenant Storage in EVERY Parking Space!

Multi-family properties that have interior garage parking have a plethora of unused space right in front of their eyes. The Bradyl Box™ offers usable space from thin air. Offer another powerful selling point with extra on-site, at-parking-level storage for tenants. Safe, Secure, and Sustainable storage makes the most of every cubic foot.


    • Fits over all cars, SUVs and most trucks by adjusting leg height
    • Fits within standard sized parking space
    • Free standing
    • Anti-tip hardware included
    • Lockable gas strut assisted door for secure open/close
    • Easy access
    • Roomy and convenient at-vehicle-storage
    • Powder coated paint offers rust resistance
    • UL safety tested and exceeded performance standards
    • No minimum orders
    • Easy assembly and setup with two people, average 2 hours
    • Required hand tools included
    • Vented top
    • Shipping available to the contiguous United States only
    • Weather protected use only

Secure Storage

Up to 900 pounds and over 80 cubic feet of secured storage for residents. All in their parking space.

Easy Access

Storage right where residents need it, one-handed opening with gas-strut doors.

Built To Last

Powder-coated solid steel construction for long term over multiple turnovers.

Increase ROI

Apartments with premium parking spaces turn extra space into a positive ROI.

Renters Love Us

Our signature Bradyl Box™ is an innovative, anti-tip and free-standing storage locker that will maximize garage space by placing easily accessible storage above the hood of any Car, Truck or SUV. Over the Car Storage and Assembly Available!

For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties privacy and security with Bradyl Storage


Besides the fact that Bradyl Boxes™ practically pay for themselves, people actually want parking space storage. In a world where everything is in constant competition, choose a solution that will not only boost revenue on its own accord but will ultimately boost revenue for the entire property. When prospective tenants come to the apartments to look for a place to live, show them that you have a practical, sensible, convenient solution for their storage needs.

For the tenants that already live in the complex, you might be surprised to find out that they have been paying a high fee each month for off-site storage. Tenants that are already paying more are likely to be pleased with the opportunity to save money and have a safe place to store their extra belongings that is close to home. The Bradyl Box™ is a win-win solution.

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A $38 billion industry, storage is in high demand. Tenants at multi-family apartments and condos spend a fortune on off-site storage solutions. The Bradyl Box™ offers a convenient, safe, and secure locking storage unit that is positioned at the head of the tenant’s designated parking space. Generate more revenue with a simple-to-install convenient option that tenants will love.

Generate a waiting list for your rentals with our free advertising materials to gauge interest and justify your purchase BEFORE making an investment.


A common concern among tenants looking for a new home is convenience and storage. Instead of congesting closets, an extra bedroom, or their vehicle with items (or worse, your parking garage), the Bradyl Box™ offers an important amenity residents have long desired. The convenience of having the Bradyl Box™ right at their interior parking space improves appeal of the facility, helping to potentially reduce turnover and minimize vacancies.

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Tenants want and need storage. The Bradyl Box™ provides a flexible option residents can rent that not only increases potential revenue for the multi-unit facility, but that also shows tenants that the property management team cares about their specific needs. This revolutionary storage option can hold up to an astonishing 900 pounds and boasts over 80 cubic feet of storage space. No costly construction or inconvenient renovation required!


Save time and schedule an appointment today for Professional Product Assembly.
*If assembly is needed in the DC Metro area, please inquire with Bradyl directly.


Can I order Bradyl Box online?

We do not currently offer online ordering.

Does my order come with assembly hardware?

Yes, all required hand tools are included with each box.

What is the lead time for standard units?

If you order less than 10 units, we will ship it from our warehouse within 7 business days. For larger orders please contact us to determine the lead time.

What is the lead time for large quantity orders?

Lead time for large quantity orders are dependent on the size of the order. Please contact us for specific details.

Can I get custom colors?

Yes, this is an upgrade and is available with a minimum order of 50 units. Please contact us for specific details.

Can I add my logo?

Yes, this is an upgrade and is available with a minimum order of 50 units. Please contact us for specific details.

How long does a Bradyl Box™ take to assemble?

Two people are necessary for assembly. We estimate the first time you assemble a Bradyl Box™ it will take approximately three hours. Once you are familiar with how the product is assembled, we estimate it will take less than 90 minutes using power tools, and about two hours using the included hand tools.

Do you offer assembly?

If you are located in the DC Metro area, we at Bradyl Storage Solutions can assemble your Bradyl Boxes™. If you are located outside of the DC Metro area, we can refer you to a qualified assembly company who is trained in the assembly of the Bradyl Box™. Assembly does not include affixing the anti-tip straps to the supporting wall behind the box. This last step must be completed by the customer before the storage solution is ready for use.

Is the Bradyl Box weatherproof?

Each Bradyl Box™ is Powder coated paint for rust and corrosion resistance. However, there are openings in the top panels that make it not weatherproof and unsuitable for outdoor use.

Does the Bradyl Box fit in a parking space?

Yes, the Bradyl Box™ will fit entirely within standard parking spots. The design of the Bradyl Box will not affect the access to neighboring vehicles. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have concerns as to whether the Bradyl Box™ will fit in your parking spaces.

Will the Bradyl Box work with my car?

Because the leg height is adjustable, the Bradyl Box™ can accommodate all car hoods, as well as SUVs and most trucks. Of course, some vehicles will have more clearance than others. The Bradyl Box™ was designed with difference in vehicle sizes in mind. Users can park as they normally would.

Will the Bradyl Box tip over?

No, included anti-tip hardware to prevent the Bradyl Box from tipping. We have done extensive product testing to determine the safety of the storage box secured by the anti-tip device.

The anti-tip device is a high quality, thick-webbed nylon strap with grommets which allow you to fasten one end to the box and the other end to the supporting wall via the appropriate screws. Please consult your building engineer to determine the appropriate method of anchoring to your structure with the anti-tip device.

How much can the Bradyl Box hold?

Each Bradyl Bin can hold up to 900 lbs. and up to 80 cubic feet of storage, The equivalent of 54 file boxes of your tenants’ belongings. All safe and secured for your tenants.

How much does the Bradyl Box weigh?

Approximately 500 pounds.

Has the Bradyl Box been safety tested?

Yes, the box has been thoroughly evaluated through UL performance testing. UL safety testing sets the industry standards on safety and performance. Because our over-car storage has been UL performance tested, you can rest assured that Bradyl Boxes are built for longevity and safety.

Is the Bradyl Box attached to the floor?

No, each Bradyl Box is free standing with no attachments to the floor. However, should you choose to, the Bradyl Box™ can be bolted to the floor utilizing a pre-drilled hole in the feet of the box. Although the Bradyl Box™ does not have to be attached to the floor, it does have to be affixed to the walls with our anti-tip straps.

Can it be locked?

Yes, the Bradyl Box™ can be locked. The door of each Bradyl Box™ is equipped with a lock and keys.

What is it made of?

Each Bradyl Box™ is powder-coated solid steel. Powder-coated steel is corrosion resistant, and the powder coat will not crack, scratch, peel, or chip. It is totally maintenance-free. Such construction will give your multi-family property decades of use.

Is it easy to open?

Yes, the door includes a gas strut that assists with opening the door and holds the door in an open position while you store and retrieve your belongings.

How do I request a quote?

Requesting a free, no obligation quote is easy. Send us a message through our contact form or call us at (240) 481-2331. If you prefer you can schedule a time for us to call you by visiting our contact page.

How do I place an order?

Send us a message through our contact form or call us at (240) 481-2331. If you prefer you can schedule a time for us to call you by visiting our contact page.

What can be stored in a Bradyl Box?

Bikes, golf clubs, skis, sporting equipment- even a surfboard will fit in a Bradyl Box! Declutter your parking garage and balconies with Bradyl Box. With a weight limit of an astounding 900 lbs. and 80 cubic feet of storage, the possibilities of what to store in the Bradyl Box are endless. Enhance convenience for your residents and improve your property’s appearance, safely and securely, right in your residents’ parking space.

Do you offer a warranty on the Bradyl Box?

Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty on the Bradyl Box™ via the manufacturer, in which we will gladly replace any defective parts. The warranty is only valid for Bradyl Boxes™ assembled where they are used. For example, a Bradyl Box™ cannot be assembled at a loading dock and then moved to its final location.

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For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties the privacy, security and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.