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Case studies

From our popular Bradyl Bins™ and parking unit storage to custom closet and wire storage cages, Bradyl provides expert storage solutions to increase resident satisfaction and property values.

Del Ray Towers – Alexandria, VA

With 37 Bradyl Bins™, the Del Ray Towers generate $31,260 per year in additional income. In the garage, Bradyl Bins™ rent for $75 per month. The garage space which was once totally unused now makes generous contributions to monthly NOI. The response from residents was so positive, that management at Del Ray has asked Bradyl to install another 21 units in the garage. When these new units are complete, the property will generate a total of $50,160 per year of top-line income.

Hepburn – Washington, DC

Bradyl installed 24 units, which rent for an average of $100 each and generate approximately $28,800 per year. By adding storage units that are both secure and aesthetically-pleasing, Bozzuto management has been able to improve the property’s NOI and marketability.

Escher Apartments – Rockville, MD

Bradyl installed 18 Bradyl Boxes in the Escher apartment parking garage, which all rented immediately. Tenants pay $80 per month for regular, unassigned parking spaces. With assigned parking spaces with Bradyl Boxes renting for $150, Escher expects to see an ROI in as little as 20 months. The owner loves the Bradyl Boxes and plans to install more in other properties. Better yet, residents can finally get the storage they’ve been waiting for.

Odyssey Condominium – Arlington, VA

Bradyl’s storage solutions improve revenue and ROI, while better meeting the needs of the residents. And, at an average CAP rate of 5%, adding just $20,000 in ancillary revenue from 15 Bradyl Bins™ increases the asset’s worth by $400,000.

Sedona | Slate – Arlington, VA 

In addition to new adding a new amenity, the buzz generated by the pre-advertising resulted in all of the storage units being rented out immediately upon completion of the installation. Not only are residents able to take advantage of this on-site storage option, the property is also renting the storage units for up to $4.73 per square foot. The management company, JBG, and the owners of the property, ASB Capital Management, are thrilled with the results.

Eleven55 Ripley Street – Silver Spring, MD

Storage units are renting quickly. Prospective residents regularly ask about the availability of extra storage when inquiring about apartment rental and appreciate the large storage unit sizes.

The Sedgewick – Washington, DC

The Sedgewick now has an innovative, secure, cost-effective storage solution that offers residents an added amenity.

The Evergreens at Laurel – Laurel, MD

With a more attractive storage option, two-bedroom apartments in The Evergreens at Laurel became significantly more desirable to residents.


For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties the privacy, security and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.