Case Study

Alexan Bahay

330 N Westlake Ave Los Angeles, CA, 90026

Alexan Bahay

The Challenge

The Alexan Bahay luxury apartments are located in the beautiful downtown Los Angeles Echo Park neighborhood. They offer studio apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, and 2 bedroom apartments. The building was built in 2020, has 6 stories and 200 units. As an added item of luxury and security there was a need for tenants to have the convenience of on-site storage.

The Outcome

Bradyl installed a total of 47 units on the property. The cost to rent a unit is between $15 and $50 per month. The installation of these storage bins provided the tenants with an affordable on-site storage option, and allowed the property to acquire a substantial increase of income. The rent from the addition of the storage bins helps to pay for the costs of the storage bins. In essence, the bins pay for themselves.

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