Case Study

Del Ray Towers

3110 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305

The Challenge

The Del Ray Towers is a Class A property in Alexandria, Virginia. When the new construction was completed, management hired Bradyl to install 17 Bradyl Bins™ in the property’s designated storage room. These units rented out immediately, and management knew they had to add more. But with limited space and without another designated storage room, they had no idea if additional storage was feasible.

The Bradyl Solution

Management decided to consult with Bradyl again. The Bradyl team assessed the property and uncovered some unused space in the garage that management had overlooked. Bradyl determined that there was enough square footage to install 20 additional Bradyl Bins™, without compromising space for parking.

The Outcome

With 37 Bradyl Bins™, the Del Ray Towers generate $31,260 per year in additional income. In the garage,  Bradyl Bins™ rent for $75 per month. The garage space which was once totally unused now makes generous contributions to monthly NOI.

The response from residents was so positive, that management at Del Ray has asked Bradyl to install another 21 units in the garage. When these new units are complete, the property will generate a total of $50,160 per year of top-line income.

In Their Words

Wanted to let you know how pleased UDR is with the new storage compartments Bradyl recently installed for us at our new Delray Tower luxury apartments in Alexandria, VA.

As you know, we were in a hurry to get these quoted, designed, fabricated and installed as quickly as possible. You and your team jumped on the project quickly in all aspects, particularly with the expediting of the fabrication and delivery. Installation went exceptionally well and the units look great with the great color scheme. UDR really appreciates your “fast track” approach to our project and helping us maintain our budget. We look forward to adding additional compartments at the property as those areas become available.

Jules D. Roberts

Construction Project Manager, UDR, Inc. and its affiliated companies