Case Study

Escher Apartments

1900 Chapman Ave, Rockville, MD 20852

The Challenge

How do you add enough in-demand storage for tenants when space is limited?

When the Escher Apartments were constructed, Bradyl maximized the designated storage area and installed 16 units that rented for up to $110 per unit. However, these existing storage units were always rented out, and management had to deal with an ever-growing waitlist. With so much demand for on-site storage, Escher was leaving money on the table. Seemingly, the only way to provide more storage would be to add another room – which would involve major construction, and there was simply no room to spare.

The Bradyl Solution

Although it appeared there was no other space for storage, Escher management reached out to Bradyl to visit the property to see if they could devise a solution. The Bradyl team proposed the installation of Bradyl Boxes, which would add over 80 cubic feet of storage space to each parking space. By making use of empty over-the-hood air space in the parking garage, Escher can provide secure storage solutions to residents without renovation.

The Outcome

In addition to the 16 Bradyl Bins that were already generating $110 each, Bradyl installed 18 Bradyl Boxes in the Escher apartment parking garage. They all rented immediately. Tenants pay $80 per month for regular, unassigned parking spaces. Assigned parking spaces with Bradyl Boxes are renting for $150, Escher expects to see an ROI in as little as 20 months. The owner loves the Bradyl Boxes and plans to install more in other properties. Better yet, residents can finally get the storage they’ve been waiting for.