Case Study

The Muse

1201 N Royal Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

The Muse

The Challenge

The Muse is a brand new upscale 73-unit residential tower that has a secondary structure with over 5,000 square feet designated to give the tenants a close-up look at the culture and fine arts of the neighborhood.

The developers of the property knew that there would be a tremendous need for storage space so they included 25 storage units in the original plan for the building. One of the main challenges from the beginning is that even though the condos were rather large, there was not much leftover common space to include resident storage.

The Bradyl Solution

The Muse contacted Bradyl and asked them to have a look at the property and see what they could do. Since Bradyl has a keen eye for space and how to use it they were able to provide Muse with a viable plan that put all of the unused common space that was available to work for them. Bradyl was able to incorporate the 25 units into a limited area in a way that was very appreciated by the owner.

The Outcome

The owner utilized a two prong strategy to maximize the value of the new amenity. Instead of the property owner offering to come down on the price of the condos, they were able to include the storage unit price in the overall price of the condos when they sold them. In other situations, they sold the storage spaces for $360 per square foot. Given the property owners included storage for 25 buyers there is a hefty return on the investment.

The Bradyl solution worked out so well that the property owner promptly went to work with Bradyl to install a second round of storage units.

In Their Words

“Bradyl Storage Solutions has been great to work with. There was no downside to the experience. Most everyone that moves in wants a storage unit.”

Candice Scott
Development Manager, The Carr Companies