Case Study

The Sedgewick

1722 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

multifamily storage
Residential Storage Alternative

The Challenge

Is it possible to create a storage solution in limited or obstructed spaces?

Limited pre-configured sizes of standard storage products proved unable to accommodate the basic storage needs of The Sedgewick’s low ceilings and oddly shaped available space.

For the same cost as standard wire mesh storage units, which were not a feasible option because of low ceiling height, Bradyl designed and implemented a custom enclosed storage unit solution that maximized The Sedgewick’s available space, taking all challenges into consideration.

The Outcome

The Sedgewick now has an innovative, secure, cost-effective storage solution that offers residents an added amenity.

In Their Words

“Bradyl provided superior service from design support through actual installation and completion. Their turnkey service was impeccable and exceeded the owner’s expectations. I would definitely look for Bradyl in the future for storage solutions projects.”

– Project Manager at Sigal Construction