Case Study

Yaupon by Agave

1208 N Academy Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130

The Challenge

Yaupon by Agave is a brand-new condominium property with 21 units. Before the construction began, the property owners knew that they needed a sensible storage solution that they could fit on the property within the limited amount of space that they had.

In addition to the storage issue, Yaupon needed a way to block the view of the neighboring property so that the tenants could have more privacy.

The Bradyl Solution

When Yaupon reached out to Bradyl it didn’t take long for the Bradyl team to present a great solution. A set of Bradyl Boxes not only provided tenants with a fantastic storage structure but also created a barrier that offered the degree of privacy that the tenants deserved.

The Outcome

As an essential addition to the already amenity-rich complex, the Bradyl Bins added a substantial amount of value to the property. It did not take long for the owners to sell all of the condominiums and make a hefty return on their investment.

In Their Words

“The owners are extremely happy. The Bradyl Box has been a success story for the people at Yaupon by Agave.”

*Please note that the manufacturer’s warranty is void if the anti-tip strap is not used and if the box is not placed in a weather-protected environment.