Closet & Wire Shelving

From Simply Functional to Simply Extraordinary

Solutions for Every Space

From the simply functional to the simply extraordinary, Bradyl has a solution for every space. In addition to our many apartment storage units, we design custom closets to help maximize living space and keep belongings neatly organized – even in the most challenging or limited spaces.

Bradyl Storage Solutions Closets and Wire Shelving

Closets & Wire Shelving

Bradyl Storage Solutions can optimize small spaces in apartments and add storage and organization for your residents with custom closets and Murphy beds. A variety of materials including wire, laminate, wood and melamine can be paired with embossed wood finishes, decorative pulls and accessories for a pleasing aesthetic.


  • Available in a variety of materials including wire, laminate, wood and melamine
  • Options include embossed wood finishes, decorative pulls, drawer styles and accessories
  • Optional Italian-made door and drawer profiles
  • Wood drawer boxes
  • Contour edge shelving


  • Optimizes small spaces in apartments and condominiums for added storage and organization
  • Ultimate functionality and form for any décor and style
  • Reduces clutter
  • Increases home value
Bradyl Storage Solutions Ventilated Wire Shelving

Ventilated Wire Shelving

Custom closets and shelving is a practical and cost efficient way to increase the desirability of your apartments. Bradyl’s ventilated wire shelving easily fits builders’ specifications and quotes can be provided from architectural drawings or linear footage. We can install quickly, without added cost and not sacrifice durable construction and usability.


  • Options for either adjustable and fixed shelving, or a combination of the two
  • Durable construction
  • Readily available and quickly installable


  • Practical, yet cost efficient
  • Can easily meet builders’ specifications and provide quotes from either architectural drawings or simply linear footage
  • Versatile applications, including high traffic areas or high turnover units
  • Can be installed under urgent deadlines without added cost
  • Allows for item visibility and accessibility