Consumer Surveys

Haven Insights
In consultation with Bradyl Storage Solutions, Haven Insights launched surveys to over 500 qualified respondents throughout the United States. Residents were asked their perceptions of the Bradyl Box™ and Bradyl Bin™ in 2 separate surveys.
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Primary Findings

Storage Is In High Demand

Our survey ranks on-site storage as the 4th most important amenity (only behind a fitness center, pool, and high-end appliances) surpassing covered parking as a priority.

Bring Off-Site Storage Revenue Home

Off-site storage fees are predominantly $101-$150 a month. Many tenants rent off-site storage and would be willing to move their belongings onsite if Bradyl Bins™ were offered.

Differentiate from the Competition with Bradyl

One-in-six respondents indicate that Bradyl Bins™ would have a large impact on their decision to move to one community over another.

Maximize ROI with Bradyl Bin™ and Bradyl Box™

Almost all respondents would pay at least an additional $5 per month to rent a Bradyl Bin™ vs. a wire mesh locker. One in five respondents would pay an extra $30 per month for the privacy and security of a Bradyl Bin™.
Residents are willing to pay on average $102 per month to rent a Bradyl Box™.

Appeal to Resident Preferences


of tenants prefer Bradyl Bin™ over wire mesh for on-site storage. Only 2% of tenants preferred Wire mesh lockers.


of tenants that pay for additional storage already (typically off-site) pay between $101-$150 a month.


of residents that pay for on-site storage have privacy and security concerns.

Most Important Features

What features would you consider most important in an on-site storage space? Please rank all features in order of which is most important to you, where #1 is most important.
Overall Rank Item
1 Individual units are private (not mesh), so that no one can see inside
2 Security cameras in or outside the storage area
3 24-Hour access
4 Built-in lock and key for each unit (rather than providing your own padlock)
5 Raised flooring (to protect belongings from potential water on the ground)
6 Brightly lit storage room

Favorite Bradyl Bin™ Features

What excites you most about the Bradyl Bins™? Rank the items from the most exciting to least exciting.
Overall Rank Item
1 Privacy for belongings
2 Enhanced security
3 Reduced dust and debris

Move Off-Site to Bradyl Bin™

How likely would you be to move your off-site storage to an on-site Bradyl Bin™, if they became available in your building?

– Of the 40 respondents who rent off-site storage, all are at least moderately likely to move their on-site storage to an on-site Bradyl Bin™ if they became available in their buildings.

  • Not at All Likely 8% 8%
  • Slightly Likely 7% 7%
  • Moderately Likely 36% 36%
  • Very Likely 25% 25%
  • Extremely Likely 26% 26%

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