Creating Storage

From Wasted Space

Transform Underutilized Space Into a For-Profit Amenity

At first glance, the Bradyl Box is a savvy on-site storage solution for multifamily properties. Taking a closer look, you’ll notice that this affordable amenity does far more than store belongings. 

Hundreds of thousands of families are competitively shopping for an apartment each year and Bradyl recognizes the need for your property to stand out without costing you a fortune. With the Bradyl Box, you have a low-cost, low-maintenance amenity that serves as a positive investment in your multifamily property business.

Concerned you don’t have enough space for storage units? We thought that might be the case. Fortunately, the Bradyl Box simply requires that you have a covered garage.

Here’s how the Bradyl Box transforms underutilized space into a for-profit amenity.

Over-the-car storage solutions with Bradyl Box

“Underutilized Space”- What is it and how do I use it?

Underutilized is defined as “A condition wherein the resources available are not being used to their fullest potential.” An example of an underutilized space is the area between a car hood and the ceiling in a garage parking spot. The Bradyl Box is a smart way to utilize that space.

The Bradyl Box, our over-car locker, offers a storage space that can conveniently house automotive accessories, outdoor gear, or anything tenants would typically keep in a garage. Bradyl Box is a free-standing, lockable storage unit that sits at the head of a parking space, over the hood of a parked car, allowing residents to store a large amount of their belongings in a 24/7, convenient and secure location. These modern storage units feature over 80 cubic-feet of storage space right within their designated parking space and feature a convenient pre-installed keyed lock and one-handed opening with gas-strut assisted doors.

The consistent feedback property managers and owners receive is that they want more storage! While finding space to utilize may be a limitation posed by some storage solutions, Bradyl has creatively designed a storage locker that uses the available room that you never thought of, right in a parking space.

Residents often believe that living in an apartment means losing the convenience of on-site storage. What ends up happening is a lot of unsightly clutter- especially in parking garages- or renters reluctantly spending time and money on off-site storage. Or even worse, when seeking their next home, looking for a property that does provide additional apartment storage for residents.

The Bradyl Box is specifically designed for multifamily properties. By using space that already exists, you can provide a safe, secure, and sustainable storage unit that your residents are in search of by creatively using the space you already have. 

The Bradyl Box is a smart solution for residents’ storage needs.

  • Property managers often invest in amenities that require increasing rent to recoup the investment. But, an escalation in rent prices can jeopardize a competitive pricing strategy- all for the sake of recouping on the initial investment. Bradyl continues to offer an amenity that pays for itself often in under 18 months.

  • The Bradyl Box’s features are unique- making it a flexible storage option for properties that have very little physical space for high-value features.

  • Unlike other community amenities, Bradyl Boxes are rented out to tenants resulting in additional monthly revenue.

  • Renters continue to seek more valuable features when apartment hunting. Brady Box is an affordable upgrade to your property with fast and easy assembly.

Strengthen Your Property Branding- “Needs” vs. “Wants”

For years competitive property owners gave tours that displayed alleged flashy amenities like jacuzzis, gyms, and on-site putting greens. What they’ve failed to recognize are tenants “needs” trump their “wants”. For some renters, the initial glitz sells. For other prospective renters looking for a long-term home, the utility of additional storage is far more appealing than recreational amenities.

The Bradyl difference is knowing what your residents need. Every additional square foot of Bradyl storage becomes invaluable to tenants and continues to rake in revenue.

According to Landlordology, storage ranks in as one of the top ten most necessary features. This list includes other essentials like air conditioning and a parking space. The last thing prospective residents want to think about or feel when touring your property is that they have to downsize. This pain-point is easily addressed when you can offer the additional storage of a Bradyl Box.

With the minimalistic but modern design of the Bradyl Box you can skip the artificial grass and fancy fountains. Improving property appearance happens when prospective tenants notice a neat and uncluttered property with facilities they can actually use- and not just look at. 

The Bradyl Box offers security and a great reminder to tenants that their valuable items are being kept safe in a private enclosure close by. It is also a reminder that they’re saving hundreds each year from off-site storage.

What does your property’s presentation say to current and future tenants? Do your amenities address needs or wants?

With Bradyl as Your Partner, Space Becomes Profit

For facilities with indoor or underground parking, take advantage of the space above the hood of your tenant’s vehicles. The Bradyl Box, an over-the-hood garage storage solution, is an opportunity to offer your residents an extra solution that also increases revenue for your multi-family property.

Bradyl Storage Solutions create options that are perfect for a property owner looking to create added value and capitalize on unused space. With our strategic pricing and versatile functionality, you now have access to a storage solution for tenants that doubles as a profitable investment for years to come.

Ready to convert your unused space into a money-making amenity? Our pros are standing by to help you optimize space for the Bradyl storage solution that best fits your needs. Reach out now for your free consultation.

In the multi-family property business, Space Is Precious.


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