Why Custom Storage Lockers Make Sense For Your Apartment Building

December 13, 2019

In response to the growing resident demand for better onsite storage at multifamily properties, 110 years ago we recognized that apartment storage solutions had to go beyond wire cages assembled in basements. From our popular Bradyl Bins to our Bradyl Box parking space storage unit– Bradyl excels at addressing this demand while increasing resident satisfaction and property value. 

But it doesn’t stop there. For the past decade, Bradyl has led the trend in multifamily storage to raise the standard of onsite custom storage lockers.

Though we’ve helped hundreds of multifamily property managers address the need for additional resident storage options, we remain surprised at the number of residents whose request for a secure way to store their belongings go unheard by management. This often results in properties losing leases to competitors who have stayed up to date on their tenant’s most desired amenities.

Are you one of many property managers convinced you don’t have space to address the demand for additional storage?

Customizable storage lockers are the Bradyl solution when spare space isn’t obvious. Fortunately, discovering opportunities and unique ways to add storage lockers for your tenants is our specialty.

We have extensive experience building storage units and lockers under unique circumstances including:

  • Building storage units AROUND existing water lines
  • Optimizing unused parking spaces
  • And turning odd-shaped empty facilities into valuable amenity opportunities

Bradyl custom storage lockers are the answer to creating the commodity of storage space anywhere. 

Replace Underused Space With Custom Storage Lockers

Bradyl’s custom storage lockers are a modern approach to on-site storage and the demand for more essential amenities. Offering a secure, stylish, and affordable way for residents to keep valuables nearby, customizable storage lockers provide your tenants the additional square footage they’ve been asking for.

Though we are more than capable and willing to defy unique property challenges, a more obvious approach to offering multifamily tenants a highly-requested amenity is by recycling outdated facilities that aren’t more than an eye-sore on your property.

Turning communal space into private use is a strategic way to make unused space profitable. Customizable Bradyl storage allows renters to claim extra space that’s just theirs in a way other community amenities like a laundry room cannot.

Instead of losing business to outdated amenities generate monthly revenue through locker rentals. Our independent survey highlights that residents will pay an additional $5-$30 more per unit for Bradyl storage compared to the other less private options. Our custom storage lockers are a property investment that will pay for itself in less than two years.

Bradyl believes in amenities that do more than cost you but can actually earn you money. We take pride in promising a substantial ROI when you rent your custom storage lockers to tenants.

Here’s a little insight into what maintaining other trendy amenities could cost you.

  • Pool- $150-$1500 per month (but can spike seasonally).
  • Gym equipment specialists cost on average $100 per hour. Community gym equipment is replaced, on average, every 2-4 years and can cost thousands of dollars.
  • According to Entrepreneur, a laundry facility can become a serious leak in revenue with repairs and maintenance ranging from 65 and 115 percent of the facility’s gross income.

Hundreds of thousands of families are competitively shopping for an apartment each year and Bradyl recognizes the need for your property to stand out and compete without costing you a fortune. With the customizable storage, you have a low-cost, low-maintenance amenity that serves as a positive investment and is a continuous need and not just a fad.