Declutter and Downsize With Onsite Storage

December 13, 2019

It’s amazing what you discover about your property as you take potential tenants on a tour. Suddenly, all the little (and big) aesthetic issues stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Why is there pool equipment spread everywhere?
  • Why are tenants using their very visible patios to store anything and everything?
  • Whose lawn equipment is this!?

A tour of a messy property feels a lot like unexpected guests showing up to your home in the middle of spring cleaning.

You may not be plagued with messy residents; they just need that little extra storage space to keep the walls from closing in on them! Either way, it’s not pretty and potential new residents won’t feel the inviting urge to sign a lease. 

A cluttered multifamily property is not welcoming for newcomers and gives current residents a strong reason to look elsewhere. Avoid the risk of not gaining or retaining your tenants by keeping the property clean and attractive the easy way.

Create an Environment Tenants Are Proud Of

Multifamily apartments aren’t particularly known for their copious amounts of spare space. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about losing tenants to a competitor over a few extra square-feet of closet room.

Here are a few additional ways to encourage the use of your newly installed Bradyl storage solutions and to make keeping the premises clean and clutter-free a community effort.

Host a Multifamily Sale 

Encourage tenants to regularly go through their belongings and downsize. This is a fun collective effort that draws attention to the excess residents might be hoarding that’s making the property look unappealing.

Charity Drives 

Team up with a local donation center who would be willing to place a temporary donation bin making it easy for tenants to free up some space for a good cause.

Incentivize Clean Spaces 

Some properties go as far as charging fines to messy tenants, but is it really worth threatening otherwise great renters who just need a little extra storage space? Instead, get creative by offering “staging competitions”, winners could get their first month of storage rental free!

These little onsite events are a fantastic marketing opportunity to showcase your new storage amenity and to encourage an overall clean and classy multifamily property.

Make the Best Impression

Imagine if your multifamily property always looked staged! Nothing says “we keep our word” to those looking forward to finding their next home than discovering a complex that delivers on its promises.

Present a picture-perfect property straight from the marketing brochure by giving current tenants additional space to keep belongings so they’re not sprawled along yards, patios, balconies, or common areas. 

Offering additional storage space is the easiest way to keep otherwise luxury common areas and other visible parts of apartment units free of clutter and mess so that you can highlight the best of what your property has to offer.

A few messy tenants or over-crowded units may not seem like a business risk at first but it could be sending the wrong message to potential renters.

Here’s how your property may come across to first-time visitors in search for their next home:

  • Poor or negligent maintenance team
  • Unfavorable tenants/potential neighbors
  • Increased risk of bugs or pests
  • Low-value/undesirable environment

Additional onsite storage allows tenants to declutter, downsize, and eliminates the risk of your multifamily property being misrepresented.

We offer two primary designs for fast and easy storage setup and installation or you can opt for custom storage lockers to suit unique space limitations.

The Bradyl Box makes storage even easier by keeping it right above your tenant’s designated indoor garage parking spot. The Bradyl Box is famous for creating space out of thin air with its over-the-hood design.

Multi-family properties that have interior garage parking have a vast amount of unused space that is virtually unrecognized making it the perfect solution for tenants who have nowhere to keep their outdoor belongings. The Bradyl Box is an ideal way to eliminate mess and clean up property eye-sores.

Here some features that have made the Bradyl Box the go-to option for properties looking to downsize and declutter:

  • Fits over all cars, SUVs and most trucks by adjusting leg height
  • Fits within an 8’ parking space
  • Freestanding
  • Anti-tip hardware included
  • Lockable gas strut assisted door for secure open/close
  • Ease of access
  • Roomy and convenient at-vehicle-storage
  • Powder-coated paint offers rust resistance
  • Safety tested to UL performance standards
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Easy assembly, setup (basic hand tools included)
  • Weather protected use only
  • Vented top protects possessions

The Bradyl Binis an easy way for tenants to do their part in keeping the premises decluttered.
The Bin promises an enclosed storage unit that is

  • Economical
  • Modern
  • Functional
  • Doesn’t consume excessive space
  • Isn’t a large construction project
  • Easy to maintain
  • Profitable
  • Safe
  • High capacity

and more.

Transform your cluttered corners into a revenue-growing luxury amenity with the private on-site storage solutions that your residents are waiting for.

Additional onsite storage gives tenants a place to keep their clutter out of plain sight so that your property can make the best impression possible without expensive renovations.      

Bradyl storage solutions do more than meet the onsite storage needs of apartment and condo residents. We take a holistic approach to addressing the entirety of your rental business by providing ancillary income, a competitive amenity, and striving to improve the overall value, look, and functionality of your multifamily property. Contact us today to learn more or requested an estimate of PSF income for your building today.