Do You Think a Bike Rack is Secure Enough to Stop Thieves? Think Again

October 20, 2021

Simply chaining a bicycle to a bike rack (even if it is in a secure location), in hopes that it will be safely tucked away in a place where it can’t be stolen has been a grim mistake for millions of bicycle owners across the United States. You might think that a strong enough chain wrapped around the most solid parts of the bike secured to an even stronger rack made out of solid steel would be enough to keep thieves away, but this is not the case.

There are literally thousands of videos from one end of the country to the other that show experienced thieves covering their faces in order to hide from the cameras so that they can effortlessly pluck “secured” bicycles from bike racks. It only takes a couple of minutes for a skilled thief to snap the chain or the cable that secures the bike. Once the bike is no longer chained to the rack, it is free to go wherever the thief wants to take it.

Since bicycles are difficult to monitor and identify they make great targets for thieves because they are very easy to steal, and can be worth quite a bit of money. The best defense against bike theft is to keep the bicycles out of the line of sight of potential thieves.

Apartment Garage Bicycle Thefts

Apartment complexes that offer bike racks make a great target for thieves. Most of the bike racks that apartments offer are located in the parking garage next to a set of stairs or an elevator where anybody and everybody that comes into the area can have a clear view of the bike rack and all of the bikes that are secured to it. Furthermore, thieves can see exactly what kind of lock is being used to secure the bike, and come back later with the exact type of tool that will help to remove the lock from the bike.

Another commonplace for thieves are apartment complexes that have wire mesh storage bins. The wire mesh allows onlookers to see inside and scope out the contents of each bin that is being used.

In fact, apartment complexes that have personal property that is exposed and out in the open for all to see can attract thieves. People that don’t even live in the apartment complex can walk in and have access to whatever is available to them if they know how to get in. Even if the area has cameras, everybody is wearing masks these days so it is virtually impossible to identify any thief caught on camera.

The Bike Theft Solution

As complicated as it might seem, installing secure storage bins in an apartment complex is the best way to stop bike thefts and other thievery before they even happen. The Bradyl Bin is a secure storage bin that is equipped with walls, a roll-up door, and a great deal of privacy. The difference between having an object in plain sight and having it enclosed behind private walls is that people do not even know it is there. One of the greatest things about installing secure storage bins in an apartment complex is that they add a substantial amount of value to the entire property. They also pay for themselves.

In a recent survey, the multifamily market learned that the majority of the tenants that live in apartments would much rather have an on-site, secure storage solution than not. In fact, most of these people would be willing to pay more to have storage.

At the end of the day, the good tenants are the ones that stick around and pay their rent on time without fail. If an apartment complex goes the extra mile to provide both safety and privacy the good tenants will want to stay. The simple solution is to install a great storage solution that will keep bicycles and whatever else is important to the tenants safe, and far away from thieves.


In the real world there will always be thieves. Although we can’t control what other people do, or how they think, we can guard ourselves against them. Living in a community that is equipped with secure storage solutions that hide personal belongings from thieves is a great way to veer potential crime from your property to somewhere else. By installing a solid, enclosed storage space for each tenant in the building the property not only goes up in monetary value, but gets the added value of safety and security. If all of the apartment buildings would furnish storage bins for their tenants, the world would be a better place.