Go Away Self Storage: Government Bans on Self-Storage Construction= Good News for Multi-Family

January 30, 2020

Storage facilities may just be one of the most unsightly architectural structures. Even though they support growing demand for additional storage space and serve a practical purpose, storage facilities are a horizontal lunchbox-like series of buildings that are cold, uninviting, don’t offer many jobs and can discourage foot traffic. So while the market may be booming, self-storage facilities can derail city plans designed to improve the landscape and lifestyle of the area.

onsite storage options


Most parks, restaurants, or stores aren’t keen on setting up shop near a storage facility. For a long time, self-storage establishments were set away from livelier parts of towns and neighborhoods. More recently, storage companies have started to build where they’re not welcome. Towns are quickly reaching their storage facility saturation point causing local governments nationwide to cease permission for the building of new storage facilities. Bradyl is able to reconcile the storage industry’s growth without impeding the ambiance of a city by inspiring the expansion of on-site apartment storage options.


A Trend With Momentum

The demand for apartment living is on the rise as younger generations turn down life in the suburbs for a more urban living experience and empty-nesters continue to downsize. For this reason, apartment square-footage is decreasing making for-rent storage space a premium commodity. 

Though many are willing to forgo the space and maintenance of a home, there are still valuable possessions they aren’t willing to let go of. So, with a trend of downsizing on the rise and a great portion who still want to keep their belongings–Storage seems an obvious next step. This can seem as though apartment living is in part to blame for the unsightly self-storage monster that’s taking up precious city real estate.

The unfortunate caveat to this of increasing self storage facilities is that the intrusion of these buildings threatens the lifestyle many are in search of as they leave traditional housing options. Namely, communities that contain walkable downtowns and neighborhoods, “mom and pop” shops, diners, bars, shopping centers, parks, playgrounds, and additional apartment living options. 


Save Communities With Smarter Storage Solutions

A consumer-friendly population is often a sign of a strengthening economy. And as the scars of a recession fade, possessions become even more valuable and accumulation is undeniable. According to Sparefoot, the U.S. self-storage industry has over 50,000 units that facilitate more than 2.5 billion square feet of rentable space. That is compared to the rest of the world where there are only 8,000 rentable storage units total! American’s really love their “stuff”.  This is even more proof that the accumulation of things and the need to store them isn’t going to slow anytime soon.

Instead of splitting communities between those that want to have more stuff and those that want to improve appearances, onsite apartment storage options allow neighborhoods to have it all. Bradyl’s storage solutions don’t just save communities from the overdevelopment of offsite self-storage, they also transform multifamily value by replacing rundown onsite facilities and empty parking garages with an accessible amenity.


Offsite Vs. Onsite Self Storage

So, what exactly are the benefits of turning a community eye-sore into an onsite amenity where the commodity of apartment storage options is welcome?

  • Cities can maintain developmental integrity without having to fight for space against self-storage conglomerates
  • Keeps storage close to home, making it more convenient, secure, and out of sight for businesses that rely on foot traffic
  • Multifamily properties gain a competitive advantage with a value-added amenity
  • Improved quality for apartment living
  • Offsite self-storage can cost customers anywhere from $85-$300 per month not including hidden service fees- that revenue could be used to improve your bottom line.
  • Onsite storage is customizable creating a unique opportunity for storage units to look modernized and attractive
  • The worry of theft, damage, and maintenance is significantly reduced with onsite storage

Consumers can have it all. A well-developed city with meaningful buildings, parks, and businesses as well as multifamily communities that offer the very apartment storage options that they want to keep hidden away and off their streets.


Make It Your Business

So, where is all this storage business to go?

As it continues to be slowly exiled from towns and cities, an opportunity to benefit your tenants and your revenue presents itself. Bring revenue BACK to your property by offering Bradyl storage solutions.

  • Support community efforts to downsize public self-storage facilities
  • Take advantage of a revenue and marketing opportunity
  • Supply residents with a must-have amenity

Here are three easy and lucrative ways to redirect an unstoppable trend to the spare space on your property.


Bradyl Box – Over-the-hood Storage Solution 

The Bradyl Box creates space out of thin air with its over-the-hood design.

These over-the-hood storage units provide additional space within a covered parking garage setting.

Multi-family properties that have interior garage parking have a vast amount of unused space that is virtually unrecognized. Offer another powerful selling point by providing extra on-site, at-parking-level storage for tenants. Safe, secure, and sustainable storage makes the most of every cubic foot and will top your competitor’s amenity list.

Here some features that have made the Bradyl Box famous: 

  • Fits over all cars, SUVs and most trucks by adjusting leg height
  • Fits within an 8’ parking space
  • Freestanding
  • Anti-tip hardware included
  • Lockable gas strut assisted door for secure open/close
  • Roomy and convenient at-vehicle-storage
  • Powder-coated paint offers rust resistance
  • Easy assembly, setup (basic hand tools included)

If you want to give tenants even more storage to work with, you can go a little bigger with the Bradyl Bin.


Bradyl Bin- Customizable Private Enclosed Storage

The Bradyl Bin is an enclosed storage unit that can be designed to fit any interior unused space on your property. The Bins is installed quickly by Bradyl’s team of installers, so you don’t have to worry about a big construction project. 

Apartment Storage Solution

The Bradyl Bin checks all the boxes for what tenants and property owners look for in on-site storage including:

  • Economical
  • Modern
  • Functional
  • Doesn’t consume excessive space
  • Isn’t a large construction project
  • Easy to maintain
  • Profitable
  • Safe
  • High capacity