How Tenant Storage Units Prevent Disputes and Improve Building Safety

January 23, 2019

Did you ever think that additional tenant storage units could make your building safer? It might sound crazy, but adding secure, private storage space to your property can not only put you ahead of your competitors and satisfy residents, but it can actually make your building a more peaceful and safer place to reside. Tenant safety is likely the top of your priority list when it comes to your property. Something as simple as installing private storage units onsite can increase the safety of your tenants and provide you additional revenue. Here are some ways onsite storage can improve your property.

Preventing Disputes

Whether you live in a single home or apartment community, the dispute over stuff is as old as time. Where people put their extra stuff can cause lots of tension between neighbors, especially in more confined spaces like apartment buildings. Common spaces like hallways can often be a catchall for things that people have no other place to store, like bicycles or other outdoor equipment. Some tenants can view this as cluttered and unwelcoming which leads to disputes between neighbors that can last for the entire residency. Things being left in common spaces not only becomes unsightly but can cause hazards should something disastrous occur within the building.

Improving Building Safety

Which brings us to the fact that additional tenant storage units can improve your property’s safety. Clutter can block exits that are desperately needed during any sort of emergency event. When you offer additional onsite storage units to your tenants, you provide a safe and secure space for them to keep their belongings instead of common areas.

Another way storage units improve tenant safety is through security. Criminals often target apartment communities as easy prey for burglary. Especially if your tenants use common spaces to store high-ticket items like quality bicycles, your property may be more susceptible to crime. Additionally, using traditional wire storage lockers puts tenants’ belongings vulnerable to prying eyes – whether visitors or others in the building. This can also result in theft or other crimes. Reducing the chances of your tenants being targeted could be as simple as providing alternative storage options.

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