Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage Units

January 23, 2019

Offering additional storage for your apartment community has been proven to not only provide additional revenue but entices residents to choose your property over another without this premium feature. But, have you ever considered what kind of storage is most desirable? Above all, residents are looking for convenience, which means when it comes to on-site storage units vs. off-site storage units, on-site will always win. Providing a convenient place for your residents to store extra items within steps of their front door is a real advantage. How do you choose what type of on-site storage units to offer at your apartment community?

Indoor Storage Units for Apartments

The ideal storage solution for your apartment community is indoor storage accessible to your residents 24/7. Indoor storage units offer the convenience of access whenever a resident needs no matter the temperature, weather, or time of day. Bradyl Bins™ Storage Units provide an ideal on-site option for keeping residents’ personal belongings safe, secure, and indoors yet separate from common areas. Our lockers can be custom designed and configured in endless ways for the most efficient use of your property’s available space. Durable and damage-resistant, indoor storage units for apartments are economical and practical for both new and retrofit construction. In addition, our on-site storage units offer privacy, so residents don’t feel that their belongings are exposed as is sometimes the case with traditional wire mesh lockers.

Outdoor Storage Units for Apartments

While outdoor storage units for apartments do offer additional on-site storage, they don’t provide the same convenience to residents. The main benefit of outdoor storage units is that residents can store things that are less valuable or don’t need to be temperature controlled or things which they don’t need to access that often. However, outdoor storage units can be more susceptible to pest problems, security breaches, or damage from the elements. These types of units are riskier for you, the investor, and put your residents’ belongings on the line.

If you’re thinking about investing in indoor storage units for apartments at your community, let us help! Bradyl is an expert in the field and can work with your budget and space constraints. Contact us today to learn more!

“Bradyl provided superior service from design support through actual installation and completion. Their turnkey service was impeccable and exceeded the owner’s expectations. I would definitely look for Bradyl in the future for storage solutions projects.”

– Johny Ramia
Project Manager at Signal Construction