“With visible contents often stored in less secure areas of a building, wire mesh cages are soft targets. Thieves have time to discreetly search storage cages and break in if they see something valuable. Wire mesh cages weren’t built with security in mind … anything visible is more likely to be a target. I’ve seen chain links bent and pushed aside to remove items. Privacy is the biggest theft deterrent: belongings should be concealed to avoid being chosen as a target, and units should be secured. The core locks that Bradyl offers as an upgrade are an excellent added security measure. Bradyl Bins are far superior to wire mesh cages from a security standpoint.”

– Phil Meyer
Maryland Police Sergeant

Independent Surveys Have Shown That Resident Prioritize Privacy

Most Important Features

What features would you consider most important in an on-site storage space? Please rank all features in order of which is most important to you, where #1 is most important.

Overall RankItem
1Individual units are private (not mesh), so that no one can see inside
2Security cameras in or outside the storage area
324-Hour access
4Built-in lock and key for each unit (rather than providing your own padlock)
5Raised flooring (to protect belongings from potential water on the ground)
6Brightly lit storage room

Additional Security Features offered by Bradyl Bins

Upgraded core locks add an additional level of security as the most common form of storage unit break in is by cutting off a padlock. By using a master keyed core lock, that variable is eliminated.

Our innovative new latch design offers additional security making it even more secure than other latches found in the market. By utilizing a fold-preventing lip built into the slide, burglars cannot pry open the swing door that it’s mounted on.


We have installed Bradyl Bins two times and are planning on a third project now. Bradyl Bins are far superior to the alternatives, there isn’t even a comparison to wire mesh or chain link. Bradyl Bins’ privacy, appearance, improved security, and utilization of “dead space” are all appealing. Specifically, we appreciate the appearance and solid construction. The product allows us to charge a premium for storage. In addition, residents are happy they are being for a truly secure area, not one that can be breached easily. During the design process, it was nice being able to view a CAD file of the space and the team provided various options for the storage unit layout. It made it very easy to understand ROI and make an informed decision.

Keith P. Gillan
President, Murn Management