Marketing Strategies in Response to a COVID-19

August 11, 2020

Covid-19 Marketing Strategies

How to reach your market in a time of turbulence

While many businesses have crisis-proofed their operations in preparation for all sorts of calamities or economic downturns, the magnitude and scale of the COVID-19 pandemic have left most of us on unsure footing.

New protocols are being ironed out, economic activities are disrupted, and the atmosphere is in a wait-and-see mode until things start to show some semblance of general safety for a new kind of normal.

For many businesses, “winning” has given way to “survival” and it all starts with re-working marketing strategies in response to the turbulence.

Meet Your Market Where They Are

How do we reach out to our market when most people are now confined to the safety of their homes and keep as little interaction as possible to avoid health risks?

When people can’t come to you, you go to them.

As part of our social responsibility to reduce the spread of the virus, digital marketing efforts are in high demand. The challenge for the multifamily property niche is to help prospect tenants make a very personal decision (like finding a home), possible with primarily digital influence.

In order to market effectively and responsibly will require significant efforts to meet your market where they’re at financially, emotionally, and at the level to which they are technologically savvy.

If most of your prospective tenants are 35-50 year old professionals, you may reach them best through an effective e-mail campaign. If they’re college age to mid 30’s, social media will be where you find them most. And if you cater to residents above 50, direct mail, Facebook, and phone calls would be a better match.

Rethink Your Message

Spending in America has dropped for obvious reasons, so even with the best brand messaging, your pricing and deals are going to mean more now than ever.

Things to add to your messaging include:

  • Amenities that make it easier to work from home- the pandemic has left many with no office or classroom to go to so their apartment has to be multi-functional.
  • Appealing shared spaces. With limited restaurants, bars, or outdoor activities available, show off how your multifamily property can restore the much-need social experience and ambiance missing from tenants’ lives.
  • Share steps your staff is taking to maintain a clean and safe environment. Demonstrate social responsibility and make it know how aware you are of the changing environment.

Bradyl’s Promise During Uncertain Times

Bradyl storage provides an additional opportunity for properties to make ancillary income. During a time where you may see a drought in new tenants, affordable storage options can be offered to tenants who are looking to reduce their bills. With Bradyl, your residents can slash their $150/month storage bill and pay as low as $35/month for onsite storage.

More than ever, your tenants need options and flexibility. With Bradyl, you can provide that and more. We work with multifamily property managers and owners who seek meaningful investments to improve their residents’ experience, even in the worst of times.

Are you ready to bring a much-needed pick-me-up to your community? Discover Bradyl Storage Solutions today for an amenity that counts.

Empathize and Engage

Taking into consideration the unique circumstances felt by all, it makes sense for apartment buildings offering flexibility whenever possible. This could include a variety of lease requirements. Instead of only offering an annual leasing agreement you could offer 6, 9, and 12 months options. Down payment requirements may also be an area where leniency is exercised.

This doesn’t automatically mean you will be in the red. But you may take temporary losses for long-term gain. As spending resurfaces, your customers won’t forget the treatment extended to them.

Making Customers Feel Safe and Secure

To minimize physical contact and limit risks, utilize technology and systems to allow for online payments and non-contact transactions. Digitize documents where they can electronically sign to make reservations or finalize contracts without them having to leave the safety of their homes.

This is the time to elevate the level of your customer service. Be responsive to their online queries and address their needs in real-time as much as you can. Fortunately, technology allows for such speed and efficiency.

Keep residents up to date about the measures you have put in place to ensure the safety of your products and services. Be transparent and put their minds at ease so that they will trust you enough to keep availing of your offers knowing that you care for their safety.

Manage Your Reputation

Again, great customer service plays a major role here. Once you’ve created your digital space and managed to connect with your market online, you have to keep in check how the public perceives your brand. Marketing firm BrightLocal states that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Ask happy tenants to post reviews on your site. The best time to inquire about a review is after a maintenance request was fulfilled or if you’ve addressed a need face to face or through email.

But make sure that unsatisfied residents are addressed and their issues resolved, negative reviews will have a bigger impact than positive ones.

Future tenants are more likely now to check your online presence and feedback from current and previous residents before opting for an in-person tour.

Marketing That Matters

The pandemic and recession are felt by all, but the multifamily property market still plays an important role in making sure current and prospective residents have a safe, aware, and adaptable community that they can call home.