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No Cost Revenue Sharing Program*

Now available exclusively in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

How it works:

Step 1: Bradyl Plus installs storage units at NO COST in a designated area of a property. Yes, you read that correctly, completely free.

Step 2: Your property leases storage units to the resident. At the time of lease the property will notify Bradyl Plus and we will send code to unlock that unit.

Step 3: Bradyl Plus will invoice property only for the unit that is rented and will stop invoicing property once resident moves out of unit.

What is needed:

  • Bradyl Plus will provide property with COI
  • Bradyl Plus will need a signed contract with property
  • Bradyl Plus will work with property to determine a reasonable rental rate for units
  • Bradyl Plus will install blocks of 5-10 units at a time as long as there is a waiting list
  • Bradyl Plus Units will be white exterior hallways with lime green doors and numbered signs – as pictured above
  • Bradyl Plus Units will make monthly trips onsite or as needed to determine if the units need touch up, repairs or any other maintenance
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*Bradyl Plus is Currently available only at select properties in the DC Metro Area