Over the Hood Resident Parking Garage Storage Enhances Your Appeal

How valuable would it be to have a parking space storage locker that can be used while still being able to park a car in your space. We found that on-site storage ranks as the fourth most desirable amenity among tenants, behind only fitness, a pool, and high-end appliances.

Multi-family properties market to the same demographic, and other properties likely offer similar amenities. For this reason, it becomes challenging to offer a different angle…. something that sets your property apart from the competition.

Separate Yourself From the Competition with a Unique Amenity

Minimizing vacancies and turnovers is  critical to the profitability of your multi-family property. There may very well be dozens, possibly even hundreds of competing facilities within a 10-mile radius of yours. Competition is fierce, setting yourself apart is crucial. It comes down to offering prospective tenants something they’ll view as ‘true value’.

Storage is a Significant Issue for Tenants

Self-storage has become a $38 billion industry in the U.S. As more families and individuals turn to apartment living, there will be an increasing demand for storage. Storage on-site is more important to tenants than recycling, a car wash area, and even a dog run.

Convenience and security when it comes to secure storage solutions is also vital. Wire mesh lockers are a common option, but having personal items available for anyone to see causes concern and worries about privacy and security.

An Over Car Storage Option

Designed for apartment-style communities that have an enclosed parking allows your tenants to keep personal items at their own designated parking space.

Bradyl’s unique, over the hood storage units allow you to offer your residents 24/7 access. In addition, each unit comes with a lock that provides security and peace of mind for your tenants.

No Messy Construction

Because of the unique design of the Bradyl Box™, there’s no need for invasive, intrusive, or messy construction. Properly assembled, a Bradyl Box™ can be assembled on site with only basic hand tools which are included for your convenience. Properties that understand the growing importance of secure storage solutions on site but do not currently offer this type of amenity to their residents- often due to lack of available space around the property- now have a practical, no mess option.

Market your Unique Amenities!

The Bradyl Box™ offers forward-thinking facilities a key marketing tool that truly benefits your tenants. It also provides a simple option that will add revenue for your property- every Bradyl Box™ rented by tenants, month after month, with no hassle.

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