Reasons Your Tenants Aren’t Renting Your Storage Units

October 15, 2021

You may wonder whether you took a wrong turn by introducing on-site storage in the building. Why aren’t your current tenants taking advantage of this amenity by renting your on-site storage lockers?

  • Reason 1: They don’t want to put their possessions on public display. If you’re using storage lockers with wire mesh doors, the whole world can see their stuff through the mesh unless they go to the trouble of hiding it somehow.
  • Reason 2: They fear theft. Those same wire mesh doors advertise your storage lockers’ contents, not only to the general population, but also to potential thieves.
  • Reason 3: Your parking garage spaces don’t offer additional storage options. If your tenants park in your on-site garage but also need storage for personal possessions they typically keep in their cars, they may prefer having additional storage in their parking spaces.

Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes give tenants the attractive, secure, functional storage for which they’re happily willing to pay to rent.

Case Study and Testimonial: The Evergreens at Laurel

The Evergreens at Laurel, a beautiful high-rise apartment complex in Laurel MD, had an excess of vacancies among their 91 two-bedroom apartments. Why? The residents just didn’t like the limited closet space in these units. Once they’d identified the problem, the solution was obvious: Bradyl Storage Solutions.

Our customizable storage lockers fit the existing structure beautifully and gave tenants all the storage space they needed. A senior manager for the property said: “Bradyl was very understanding of our needs to provide our residents with quality storage lockers. Their product was custom tailored to fit the space available. The installation and product is top notch.”

Are you facing a similar challenge at your residential property?

Do Your Storage Units Offer the Right Protection Against Theft?

Did you know that 61 percent of residents who own or rent storage lockers with wire mesh doors worry about theft? And who can blame them? It doesn’t take a lot of effort or specialized tools to snip the wires and/or bend them out of the way for a quick snatch-and grab.

Ready for some peace of mind? Bradyl Boxes feature strong, solid corrugated steel doors that provide no sneak peeks of tenants’ belongings and no easy way to break in. Strong, reliable latches add to their security. Contact me if you’d like more information about this simple, affordable way to deter theft!

How to Maximize the Usable Space in Your Parking Garage

Parking and storage just naturally go together — after all, what is a parking garage but a gigantic storage space for vehicles? Unfortunately, many tenants may assume that they have to keep a mountain of possessions in their vehicles unless they want to pile them into their apartments or rent a separate storage locker.

The answer to this dilemma is simple enough: Add over-the-hood storage to each parking space. Bradyl Boxes are assembled  on height-adjustable legs  that clear the hoods of all  cars, as well as most trucks and SUVs. Your tenants can pull all the way into their spaces and still have tons of room for overhead item storage.

Key Storage Features Every Multifamily Developer or Manager Should Seek

Here are some key storage features that could make your life easier and your property more appealing.

  • Durable materials – When you install storage lockers, you want those lockers to last so you can get maximum value out of them.
  • Solid walls and doors – Solid walls and doors make much more sense than wire mesh for preventing theft and honoring tenants’ privacy — in fact, tenants are willing to pay $5 to $30 more per month for this feature.
  • Wire mesh ceilings – A wire mesh ceiling won’t interfere with light from overhead fixtures, sprinkler system operation, or air circulation.
  • Optimal use of available space – You want to make certain that your storage provider offers customizable lockers instead of forcing a one-size-fits-all “solution” on you.

Bradyl Storage Solutions can equip you with all of these desirable features at a price that competes with other storage options. May I send you the details?

Are You Losing On-Site Storage Revenue to Off-Site Storage Providers?

One key money-making strategy involves the ongoing rental of storage units to the property’s tenants. If you’re not taking advantage of this opportunity, you could be handing a valuable revenue stream to some other property or business.

Are you thinking that you don’t have enough square footage to install storage lockers? Customizable products are the answer to that dilemma. Bradyl Storage Solutions can evaluate your available space and provide you with Bradyl Bins made to fit awkwardly-shaped areas.

Bradyl Bins rent for up to $4.73 per square foot (depending on geographic area). Tenants have stated a willingness to pay $5-30 MORE per storage units that offer Bradyl’s combination of privacy and security. So don’t let your property’s money-earning potential go untapped. Let’s talk about ways to make it more profitable by maximizing your storage rentals!

Bradyl Offers a Brand New Concept in Parking Garage Storage

We have a fresh new approach to the problem for underutilized parking garage space.

Tenants love being able to get in and out of their cars in a comfortable, covered environment. However, they’d probably love your parking garage even more if their spaces came equipped with over-the-hood  storage boxes.

Our free-standing, rust-resistant steel storage Bradyl Boxes™ come with adjustable legs, allowing them to sit at the perfect height to clear hoods while offering easy, eye-level access to belongings. A Bradyl Box fits a standard-sized parking space perfectly, while the lockable gas-strut-assisted door allows for easy yet secure opening and closing.

Ordering and installing Bradyl Boxes for your parking area is easy. No minimum order is required, and it only takes two people1-2 hours to assemble a Bradyl Box. We also offer 3rd party assembly.

Better-Looking Storage Units Can Make a Difference in Attracting Residents

Does your property have inconsistencies in the visual impressions made by various aspects of your property? Prospective tenants may love the exterior style, state-of-the-art office, beautifully-manicured grounds, and spotless rooms. So how might cheap-looking wire mesh storage cages hurt that overall impression — along with your chances of getting those visitors to sign a lease?

Image always matters when choosing your multifamily amenities, and the image presented by your storage is no exception. The handsome corrugated steel doors of our Bradyl Bins offer privacy, make storage areas look neat and tidy, and will look good for years to come.

How big a difference can Bradyl Bins make? Tenants say they’ll gladly pay up to $30 MORE per these storage units as opposed to wire mesh cages.