Residents Now Seek Lifestyle-Driven Features, In Lieu of Luxury Amenities

February 12, 2020

The key to attracting your desired residents is prioritizing lifestyle-driven apartment amenities in 2020. Going about this requires strategic thinking, market awareness, and knowing- above all- what matters in the day-to-day of your residents and how your amenities contribute to those preferences. Pools and gyms were once the standard expectations for a desirable multifamily property, but as apartment living continues to become more popular, residents expect more.

Are you offering outdated market trends or amenities that count?

Apartment Amenities


Apartment amenities in this century are heading in the direction that demonstrates that you “get” your residents which results in them staying around for the long haul. Meaningful amenities start and end with convenience. Flashy gym equipment and bubbly hot tubs are no longer on the priority list as long-term tenants desire 2020 apartment amenities that make their life easier and not necessarily more glamorous. The less your tenant has to leave the premises of the apartment complex, the better

Forego the glitz and glamour of flashy amenities and show residents you understand their desire for an apartment that caters to their lifestyle. Doing so means being creative and staying in tune with the rhythm of modern lifestyle needs. In this article, we’ll explore the most popular lifestyle trends that can be addressed in the form of an amenity.


Desire: Physical and Mental Well-Being

Solution: Flexible Wellness Options

This isn’t about a treadmill and a few free-weights in a 10×10 and calling it a luxury gym. Modern wellness options include variety and diversity. Health and mental well-being are now important themes in people’s lives across all ages and wages. Here are meaningful ways to show up for tenants and support their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

  • Meditation rooms
  • Aromatherapy and music in common spaces
  • Cycling classes
  • Onsite yoga
  • Sauna
  • A vending machine offering healthy snacks
  • And a smoothie bar

Going one step above the standard apartment gym and choosing any of these other options means bringing home the business they’d be taking to fitness centers and cafes. And, the convenience will make that little extra price in rent worth their while.


Desire: To Be a Part of a Community

Solution: Create Opportunities For Resident’s to Mingle and Collaborate

Many people perceive apartment living as cold and isolated in comparison with living in a home within a neighborhood. To break this myth (and the ice), encourage tenants to mingle and collaborate by creating opportunities to get them into the same space. It may initially feel like the first day at school, but when done consistently, can foster a much-desired sense of community. Here are a few pointers to achieving this.

  • Make gatherings meaningful. Opt for a movie and game night over a pool party.
  • Start a book club or a card group
  • Host themed events that target groups like a co-working space for those who work from home
  • Create a tenants-only social media page and send invites
  • Trades, swap, or “yard sale” type events are great conversation starters
  • Be consistent and make events regular

Lifestyle amenities in 2020

Desire: Accessibility to Staff and Maintenance

Solution: Keep Multiple Lines of Communication Available

Research confirms that one of the top complaints of current and potential tenants is not being able to get in touch with staff or the same person that they had previously spoken to regarding a billing or maintenance concern. You can have the best 2020 apartment amenities and strongest marketing game plan but without stellar customer service, you will lose tenants. 

  • Maintain an online presence including a website that’s easy to navigate a “contact us” or “maintenance request” button
  • Keep interaction as one-on-one as possible so your tenant doesn’t have to re-tell their situation over and over again. Continuity is king
  • Seek feedback regularly so residents know you’re eager to meet their needs
  • Always follow-through

Impeccable resident service has won the hearts of tenants who aren’t provided the most luxurious or modern amenities. Being accessible and communicative always pays off.


Desire: To Make an Apartment Feel Like Home

Solution: Offer Room For Personalization 

Allowing your tenants to make limited personalized touches to their apartment isn’t exactly an amenity, but it is a feature that’s proving to be a competitive edge in the multifamily living space. If you want your tenants around longer than 12-months, allow a little creative freedom to turn a cookie-cutter structure into a home. Nothing encourages planting roots like the option to paint an accent wall.


Desire: Onsite Storage, More Space, Declutter

Solution: Bradyl Storage

Storage is undoubtedly an overlooked amenity but remains among the most desired 2020 apartment amenities. Affordable onsite storage allows tenants to keep their limited space clutter-free, feel safe by storing valuables nearby, and is more economical than offsite storage options. Here’s what residents desire from this affordable luxury. 

  • Resident love month to month payment options. To not be bound by an annual contract makes an already valuable amenity more accessible
  • Tenants want amenities that are functional and attractive. Bradyl’s free-standing Bradyl Box storage, and spacious Bradyl Bin storage serve their purpose effectively and with style
  • Everyone feels safer when their storage is private and secure.
  • Property managers and residents alike prefer to keep patios and balconies free of clutter.

Storage solutions extend to property owners as well as tenants. Some of these benefits include:

  • An attractive and unique amenity that tenants not only want but will use (unlike subpar gyms and rundown laundry facilities)
  • A business opportunity that helps multifamily properties raise their bottom line
  • A profitable solution to wasted space within a multi-family property
  • A cost-effective revenue-generating innovation that will enhance the overall appearance of the property
  • An on-site storage solution that doesn’t lose it’s value

On-site storage units are no longer a luxury but a lifestyle necessity. With expectations for 2020 apartment amenities on the rise, Bradyl continues to innovate storage solutions that keep up.

Lifestyle preferences evolve slowly but substantially and in an era where personal space and privacy are preferred, Bradyl brings your tenants onsite storage options they can count on. Reach out today for a discovery consultation. We’ll show up for you, so you can show up for your residents.