Service vs. Social Amenities for Multifamily Properties

January 23, 2019

According to a recent study, apartment communities with more social amenities like pools, fitness centers, and dog spas, are actually selling for less than their counterparts with comprehensive service amenities. Apartment amenity trends show that residents are more likely to seek out new homes with ample service amenities like package receiving and extra storage and that they’re willing to pay additional fees for these conveniences. Investors realize that the cost to install and maintain social amenities simply goes toward the bottom line and residents typically don’t pay additional fees for these types of extras.

The types of service amenities you offer at your property can set you apart from competitors that only focus on social amenities. One of the biggest resident requests is additional storage space. Investing in over car storage offers residents a much-needed amenity that they’re willing to pay additional fees for. While having access to a fitness center and an on-site swimming pool are nice, providing service amenities like extra storage offers residents daily convenience that your competitors may not have. In addition, you’ll reap the benefits from increased revenue through added fees. Most communities don’t charge residents additional fees for the use of social amenities, but service amenities come at a premium.

Your property may have space that you could be using for resident storage. The Bradyl Box™ is specifically designed for properties that want to offer additional storage space but don’t have the square footage or capability to build more structures. This unique over car storage option harnesses space that you already have, if you offer enclosed parking, and provides you with the ability to offer convenient storage space to your residents. It features 72 cubic feet of storage space situated within a resident’s designated parking spot, so accessing and using the box is convenient. With one-handed opening and gas-strut doors, it offers secure, easy-to-use storage without additional construction or renovation.

Apartment amenity trends change with the desires of residents, but one thing that is always at the top of the list is storage. Offering the Bradyl Box’s over car storage is a smart option for any apartment community. Contact us today to find out more!