Sourcing Better Division 10 Wire Mesh Specialties

October 5, 2021

At Bradyl, we specialize in Bradyl Bins, a premium, cost-competitive, Division 10 storage unit, a better option than wire mesh.

As an architect tasked with the design of multifamily residential structures, you’re always on the lookout for approaches and products that can make your designs more compelling and help you win more project bids. The inclusion of on-site storage amenities can give any multifamily building an extra competitive edge — but only if the amenities themselves offer the best combination of the features residents and managers value. If you want to include on-site storage in your designs, ask yourself whether your current available solutions address the following challenges:

Efficiency – How well do your current provider’s storage units make the fullest possible use of every cubic inch of storage space? A wasteful arrangement of space only leads to frustration among users.

Security – Have you been using wire mesh storage units? This common type of storage unit puts residents’ valuable possessions on full display, tempting potential thieves and possibly giving away unnecessary information about the residents themselves.

Attractiveness – It’s a shame to create a beautiful, luxurious structure, only to reduce that beauty and unity of design with utilitarian wire-mesh storage “cages.” By contrast, enclosed storage units with solid steel doors look professional while hiding the unsightly clutter behind them.

What Architects Are Saying About Bradyl Storage Solutions

If there’s one thing most architects can agree on, it’s the value of real-world feedback. In addition to all the empirical data you must collect and put to good use in your designs, you want to know how and why your colleagues are selecting specific products and providers for various amenities, including on-site storage options. Here’s what Scott McGovern, Senior Associate at Design Collective, has to say about his experience with Bradyl and their enclosed storage units: “The Bradyl Bins allowed us to accommodate discreet and secure tenant storage in several ‘found’ spaces within the parking garage of The Lindley. The standard components were flexible enough to maximize the number of units, provide ADA compliance, and efficiently use the space available. “Collaborating with Bradyl was a good experience. Lindsay and her team were able to review our proposed layouts and make timely suggestions to maximize efficiency and minimize cost to our client. We have specified Bradyl Bins for several of our multi-family residential clients and they have consistently found them to be a great solution for their tenants’ storage needs, while generating additional revenue for the project.” If you’d like to enjoy the same high level of professional collaboration while providing your clients with secure, attractive, revenue-generating storage amenities, take a look at what Bradyl has to offer. The next glowing review we post might be yours!

When Luxury Properties Choose Storage Solutions, They Choose Bradyl

As a busy architect, you probably find yourself working on all kinds of projects for an equally diverse range of clients. You might find yourself placing bids on everything from low-income multifamily housing to high-rise luxury apartments. Of course, those lucrative luxury projects can pay especially big dividends, not only in terms of the scale of the projects themselves but also for your reputation in the top circles of the architectural world. Here’s a tip to help you secure those elite assignments: When luxury properties look into upping their Division 10 Wire Mesh Specialties game, they choose Bradyl Bins. What makes Bradyl Storage Solutions so attractive to these clients? Well, the word “attractive” holds one easy clue. These storage lockers feature corrugated steel doors that give the (well-deserved) impression of strength while also looking much cleaner and more professional than the wire mesh doors seen on lesser storage lockers. Security also matters for residents of luxury apartments who want to know that their valuables are genuinely safe from burglary or vandalism. The combination of strong steel doors and factory-installed side latches that accommodate padlocks provide the peace of mind that these residents (and therefore the building owners and managers) prize. Luxury properties don’t expect to cut corners on important amenities such as on-site storage for their VIP tenants, so don’t cut corners when selecting your preferred providers — dazzle them with Bradyl!

How to Make Division 10 Wire Mesh Specialties Multifamily Storage Units More Attractive

“It’s just a storage unit, right? Who cares what it looks like?” You may have encountered this sort of misconception in your search for better solutions than the standard wire mesh so often employed by on-site storage unit providers. But as an architect, you want your entire design to reflect a unified aesthetic sensibility. At the same time, you want your clients to have a finished structure that entices more residents to move in and renew their leases year after year. One problem with wire-mesh lockers lies in the fact that they look like someone just threw them into the overall building design after the fact, with no thought about their appearance. These wire-mesh assemblies not only look cheap; they also treat visitors and residents alike to whatever clutter they may contain, making the whole area look like the inside of someone’s closet. If you want to achieve a more consistent and attractive overall impression for your on-site storage area designs, consider Bradyl Bins. Our enclosed storage units feature high-quality solid doors made of corrugated steel. These doors swing open 180 degrees for easy locker access and there is a roll up door upgrade as well. Hallways are a bright white and doors come in over 40 color options. 98 percent of apartment tenants prefer solid Bradyl Bins to wire mesh alternatives, which means that building owners and developers will naturally prefer them, too. So why not give them what they want?

How to Make Multifamily Storage Units More Secure

As you know, an insightful, detail-oriented architect cares about every aspect of every design, from the aesthetic considerations to more mundane (but arguably even more critical) questions of utility and security. When you add on-site storage amenities to your multifamily residential design, you greatly improve the design’s overall utility — but at what cost to its security? The standard wire-mesh storage lockers seen in so many residential structures give robbers a mouth-watering preview of the contents within. In the words of Maryland law enforcement officer Sergeant Phil Meyer, ”Wire mesh cages are soft targets….I’ve seen chain links bent and pushed aside to remove items. Privacy is the biggest theft deterrent: belongings should be concealed to avoid being chosen as a target, and units should be secured.” What’s the simplest and most effective answer to this security challenge? First and foremost, you want solid units with strong, reliable locks. Sergeant Meyer recommends Bradyl Bins, saying: “The core locks that Bradyl offers as an upgrade are an excellent added security measure. Bradyl Bins are far superior to wire mesh cages from a security standpoint.” If you want to offer your clients multifamily designs that protect tenants’ possessions as thoroughly as possible, you’ll want to take a closer look at Bradyl Bins.

Division 10 Storage Unit Designs That Work with Existing Ventilation, Lighting, and Fire Suppression Systems

Architects have to consider every aspect of the many features they add to their multifamily residential building designs. In addition to the style, looks, and everyday functionality of your design, you must also think about how your finished structure will support the safety of both tenants and their possessions. This means that your choice of on-site storage lockers must do as much as possible to safeguard their contents against damage while making it both easier and more comfortable for tenants to use. Thats why you should choose Bradyl Bins,  with all of the privacy that Bradyl Bins offer, they still work with existing site conditions. The tops are 2”x2” wire mesh and the unit height is kept 18” below the sprinkler heads. This way, there are no changes needed to your fire suppression, lighting or ventilation plans. Also, we can make cuts in the field to accommodate any plumbing that passes through the units.

How to Make Your Multifamily Storage Designs Stand Out From the Crowd

What makes an especially compelling multifamily storage design? This critical question often slips through the design phase without receiving as much thought as it deserves. But these kinds of amenities can make all the difference between one design and the next, not only for forward-thinking property development clients but also for the residents they seek to fill those properties with. So what can you do to make sure that the on-site storage features you propose help your design stand out from the crowd? Design your parking garage to accommodate built-in storage units. Don’t force property managers to throw storage lockers into the middle of a floorplan after the building is occupied. Choose enclosed storage lockers with solid walls and doors. Wire-mesh storage lockers make the spaces look messy and spoil the unity of your design aesthetics. They also convey the impression of cheapness while enticing thieves to make attempted break-ins. Choose lockers that feature heavy-duty steel doors instead. Select a flexible on-site Division 10 Wire Mesh Specialties vendor. Don’t design your whole storage level around the limitations of standardized, one-size-fits-all lockers. Work with a provider who can customize your lockers to suit your design’s individual needs and challenges. Here’s one more tip to help you achieve all of the above in one fell swoop: Take a look at Bradyl’s on-site multifamily storage solutions. We think you’ll like what you see — and so will your clients and their residents!

Better Storage Unit Design Doesn’t Have to Mean Inflated Bids

Designing a multifamily residential structure can force some tough decisions, especially when you want to keep your bids competitive. On one hand, you want to provide amenities that generate genuine excitement and make your potential clients choose your design over those of your competitors. On the other hand, you can’t allow design features to price your bid out of the running completely. Fortunately, there’s one category that doesn’t require you to sacrifice quality to keep your bid price down: Division 10 Wire Mesh Specialties products for on-site storage. You can offer a superior solution to your competitors by incorporating Bradyl Bins into your multifamily project proposals. These bins feature strong, solid walls and doors instead of the cheaper-looking wire mesh cages so commonly found in on-site storage solutions. At the same time, Bradyl Bins remain competitive in price with other, inferior options from other providers.

3 Key Features to Look for in a Multifamily Storage Solution

When you’re putting together designs for various multifamily residential structures, you don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel every time you reach for various manufacturers and amenity providers. You want a trusted go-to resource who will listen to your specific needs for each project and give you reliable, budget-friendly, high-quality solutions every time. So what qualities should you look for when you’re choosing your on-site storage solutions provider? Customizable options – Different buildings will have different storage capabilities depending on where you need to position parking facilities, structural beams, elevators, and other key utility features. Make sure that your storage solutions provider offers customizable units that they can conform to the available space. Strength and security – These qualities matter just as much for your storage units as they do for every other aspect of your design. Choose a provider who features strong steel doors instead of simple wire mesh for superior theft deterrence as well as more attractive looks. A provider you can really work with – Ideally, you want your on-site storage unit provider to work with you from the very beginning of a new project, discussing everything from budgetary constraints and deadlines to the specific dimensions of your proposed storage areas. If you’re ready to take full advantage of all three of these qualities (and many others), consider making Bradyl Storage Solutions your provider of choice.

LEED Standards and Bradyl Bins Multifamily Storage Units

Sustainability has become a watchword for commercial and residential real estate projects all over the world. As more and more developers and building managers look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and show their dedication to environmental responsibility, architects must respond to these motivators by producing designs that adhere to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. Here’s how Bradyl adheres to these standards: Materials and Resources Credit 4.1 and 4.2: Recycled Content Percentage Bradyl Storage Solutions’ components contain Post Industrial and Post Consumer recycled content as listed below.

  • Pre-Painted Steel Components: 88% Recycled Content
  • Structural Steel: 12% Post Industrial, 59% Post Consumer
  • Other/General Steel Components: 17% Post Industrial, 81% Post Consumer

Minimum percentage of recycled material produced within a 500-mile radius of manufacturer: 95% Percentages are based on information received from our vendors and have been represented to Bradyl Storage Solutions as true and accurate.

How to Sell Clients on Designs Featuring Private On-Site Storage

It might surprise you, a detail-minded architect accustomed to thinking several steps in advance, that some of your potential real estate clients don’t recognize the value of including private on-site storage in their multifamily buildings. Instead of leaving the subject alone and simply giving them what they think they want, you have an opportunity to bring them around to the benefits of this convenient amenity — not just by including a private option for on-site storage in your own plans, but also by helping them understand why and how this feature will boost the success of their venture in the long run. Make sure to include the following key selling points. Remind them of the potential revenue they’re losing. Buildings that offer on-site storage can generate considerable extra revenue in storage locker rentals. This additional income stream can help stabilize the overall profits from any property that makes use of it. Buildings that offer private storage are able to charge more per unit than buildings that offer wire mesh storage. Inform them that on-site storage can help attract new tenants. Luxury dwellings in particular must compete by offering amenities that their rivals might not provide at the same level of quality, if they provide them at all. A property’s ability to offer secure, attractive on-site storage could prove the deciding factor that encourages many discriminating tenants to move in. Get them thinking about how storage can influence lease renewals. Even if a tenant has no special storage needs at move-in, those needs can and do change along with life circumstances. Your clients need to consider that on-site storage could make the difference between a client renewing a lease or feeling the need to move on to a larger space in another property. If you really want to impress your clients, let them know your intention to include Bradyl Bins in your project plans.