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Bradyl partners with the highest quality product manufacturers in the industry – enabling us to deliver an array of made-in-the-USA apartment storage units and space saving solutions to fulfill a variety of indoor and outdoor storage needs.

Our products are ideal for multifamily buildings. From common spaces and parking garages to bicycle storage and in-unit custom closets, we have designed products that create advantageous amenities for your multifamily residents. Ask us how you can maximize revenue options and increase the value of your property!

Storage Units for Multifamily Common Spaces

Whether you are working on a new construction project and want to build in a valuable amenity or looking to improve an existing building by retrofitting unused space, Bradyl Storage Solutions has a product that is more safe, secure and private than wire cage alternatives. We will custom measure and build your apartment storage units and can accommodate low ceilings, structural supports, and even curved or angular walls.

Enclosed Storage Locker Units

Bradyl Bins™ are customizable, fully enclosed and opaque apartment storage units designed to keep tenant belongings on-property so residents can avoid the alternative of storage facilities.

Features and Benefits:

Read more about the benefits of Bradyl Bins as well as standard and upgraded features.

Unique Storage Units for Apartment Garages

Bradyl Box™, our newest storage solution specifically designed to maximize unused space in apartment complex garages.  The Bradyl Box™ is an anti-tip and free standing storage locker easily accessible storage above the hood of the car.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximize the storage space in existing covered garages.
  • Fits conveniently over the hood of a parked car, including SUVs and most trucks.
  • Power-coated steel provides a safe, secure and strong storage option.
  • Accessible by residents 24/7.
  • One-handed opening with gas struts doors for easy access to belongings

Read more about Bradyl Box garage storage solutions and how to convert wasted space into a revenue driving storage solution

Outdoor Storage Buildings

Bradyl’s outdoor storage buildings are movable units that have all the features of a stationary building including substantial floor and snow loads, builder-grade materials, and weather resistant construction and attributes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Relocatable buildings can be moved to different locations to accommodate future needs
  • Versatile stand-alone or stackable configurations in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Classified as equipment and eligible for a deduction for depreciation over seven years
  • Installation available without the need for construction costs or permits
  • A convenient solution for residents needing to store larger items such as large sporting equipment or motorcycles.

Read more about how outdoor storage buildings from Bradyl Bins™ can make your property more appealing to residents who are downsizing.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycle storage tops the list of most requested amenities by prospective residents when selecting an apartment or condominium. Bradyl works with leaders in the bike storage industry to offer several different options for multi-family properties. If your property is located in a heavy cycling community then you may have noticed the property damage, dirt and debris that occurs when residents use the inside of their apartments for storage or have to carry their bicycles up and down stairwells and elevators.

Outdoor Bike Lockers

Bradyl’s outdoor bike lockers are an apartment storage unit made from durable, low maintenance materials that deter theft and increase security. An amenity that will be appreciated by residents and property owners alike.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ready-to-use, one-piece freestanding lockers.
  • Sized to store a single bike or two.
  • Built from weather and rust-resistant materials.
  • Variety of door locks and master key option.

Contact Bradyl to discuss the best options for your multifamily property.

Indoor Bike Racks for Apartment Buildings

Indoor bike racks made by Bradyl Storage Solutions are often used in parking garages or other common storage areas. These space-saving wall racks are stackable and can share reserved parking spaces with cars, keeping bikes off the ground, out of the way and stored in a personalized location for residents.

Features and Benefits:

  • Single and two-tiered bike rack systems.
  • Single and double-sided configurations
  • Easy load and unload modular design
  • U-lock compatible
  • Ceiling, wall and floor mount options

Bradyl’s apartment storage units like outdoor bike lockers and indoor bike racks are the solution for your multifamily property! Contact us to learn more about the options that bet fit your needs.

Closets and Wire Shelving

From the simply functional to the simple extraordinary, Bradyl has a solution for every space. In addition to our many apartment storage units, we design custom closets to help maximize living space and keep belongings neatly organized – even in the most challenging or limited spaces.

Custom Closets

Bradyl Storage Solutions can optimize small spaces in apartments and add storage and organization for your residents with custom closets and Murphy beds. A variety of materials including wire, laminate, wood and melamine can be paired with embossed wood finishes, decorative pulls and accessories for a pleasing aesthetic.

Features and Benefits:

  • Variety of materials and accessories for a custom look and high-functionality
  • Optional Italian-made door and drawer profiles
  • wood drawer boxes
  • counter edge shelving
  • Increase property value and desirability

Ventilated Wire Shelving

Custom closets and shelving is a practical and cost efficient way to increase the desirability of your apartments. Bradyl’s ventilated wire shelving easily fits builders’ specifications and quotes can be provided from architectural drawings or linear footage. We can install quickly, without added cost and not sacrifice durable construction and usability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Adjustable and fixed shelving options
  • Quick installation
  • Organized item visibility and accessibility for residents
  • Versatile applications for high traffic and turnover units

In the multi-family property business, Space Is Precious.


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