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Apartment Storage Units

An Innovative Approach to Multi-Family Storage and Lockers

Bradyl partners with the highest quality product manufacturers in the industry – enabling us to deliver an array of made-in-the-USA storage solutions to fulfill a variety of indoor and outdoor storage needs. We offer several types of storage lockers that are ideal for condominiums and apartment buildings, or anywhere space is limited. We provide enclosed bike storage, multi-family storage units, apartment garage storage locker units, wire mesh units, outdoor storage units, and more.

Storage Units

Bradyl Bins™ are an ideal option for keeping residents’ personal belongings on-property, as well as safe, secure and separated in multi-family building common areas. Lockers can be custom designed and configured in endless ways for the most efficient use of available space. Durable and damage-resistant, indoor storage units are economical and practical for both new and retrofit construction, while outdoor storage buildings offer an additional option for properties with limited interior space.

Bradyl Storage Solutions’ products can accommodate low ceilings, structural supports and even curved or angular walls.

Enclosed Storage Locker Units

Apartment Garage Storage Locker UnitsFeatures:

  • Opaque walls for protection, security and privacy
  • Customizable configurations and sizes for hard-to-fit spaces
  • Attractive structures available in a variety of colors and options
  • Wire mesh ceilings that allow for overhead lighting, ventilation and fire suppression systems to function effectively
  • Additional options available for added safety and durability including steel kick plates, corner guards, steel burglar bars, visibility windows and master keys
  • Available as full height walk-ins or as double-stacked lockers


  • Privacy for stored belongings
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Maximizes available space
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas


Unique Garage Storage

Bradyl Box™, our newest storage solution specifically designed to maximize unused space in apartment complex garages.  The Bradyl Box™ is an anti-tip and free standing storage locker easily accessible storage above the hood of the car. 


  • Maximize the storage space in existing covered garages.
  • Fits conveniently over the hood of a parked car, including SUVs and most trucks.
  • Power-coated steel provides a safe, secure and strong storage option.
  • Free standing with anti-tip hardware for worry free installation.


  • Accessible by residents 24/7.
  • One-handed opening with gas struts doors for easy access to belongings
  • Maximize revenue by utilizing unused space


Read more about Bradyl Box garage storage solutions.

Outdoor Storage Buildings



  • Relocatable buildings can be moved to different locations to accommodate future needs
  • Versatile configurations
  • Durable, pre-engineered structures
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Stand alone on solid, existing surfaces


    • Classification as equipment and as such, can be depreciated over seven years
    • Offers easy, convenient access for residents storing larger items such as large sporting equipment or motorcycles
    • Can be installed without the need for construction costs or permits


  • All the features of a stationary building with the flexibility of a moveable unit, including substantial floor and snow loads, as well as builder-grade materials, and weather resistant construction and features
  • Available as single or stackable configurations

Bicycle Storage

Bicycle storage tops the list of most requested amenities by prospective residents when selecting an apartment or condominium. Bradyl works with leaders in the bike storage industry to offer several different options for multi-family properties. From outdoor lockers to indoor bike racks that maximize limited space, Bradyl has the commercial bike storage solution that fits your needs.

Outdoor Bike Lockers


  • Ready-to-use, one-piece freestanding individual lockers
  • Choice of different sizes to store a single bike or two
  • Weather and rust-resistant
  • Standard door lock options for keys or a padlock; master keying available


  • Versatile storage solution for properties located in heavy cycling communities
  • Eliminates the need to park bikes inside apartments and condominiums or carry in elevators and stairways – reducing damage to and dirt on property
  • Durable construction provides the highest security, deters theft and protect bikes against weathering
  • Low maintenance

Indoor Bike Racks for Apartment Buildings


  • Available in a variety of single- and two-tiered bike rack systems that provide double the amount of storage in minimal space
  • Available in single- or double-sided configurations
  • Stackable storage systems reduce space required to load and unload bikes
  • U-lock compatible
  • Modular design
  • Ceiling, wall and floor mount options
  • Ultra space saving wall racks can share a reserved parking space with cars 


  • Keeps bikes off the ground and out of the way
  • Maximizes space in parking garages or other storage areas

Closets and Wire Shelving

From the simply functional to the simple extraordinary, Bradyl has a solution for every space.

Custom Closets

Wooden-Home-Depot-Closet-OrganizerCustom closets help maximize living space and keep belongings neatly organized – even in the most challenging or limited spaces.


  • Available in a variety of materials including wire, laminate, wood and melamine
  • Options include embossed wood finishes, decorative pulls, drawer styles and accessories
  • Optional Italian-made door and drawer profiles
  • Wood drawer boxes
  • Contour edge shelving
  • Murphy Beds


  • Optimizes small spaces in apartments and condominiums for added storage and organization
  • Ultimate functionality and form for any décor and style
  • Reduces clutter
  • Increases home value

Ventilated Wire Shelving


  • Options for either adjustable and fixed shelving, or a combination of the two
  • Durable construction
  • Readily available and quickly installable


  • Practical, yet cost efficient
  • Can easily meet builders’ specifications and provide quotes from either architectural drawings or simply linear footage
  • Versatile applications, including high traffic areas or high turnover units
  • Can be installed under urgent deadlines without added cost
  • Allows for item visibility and accessibility

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