Secure and Private On-Site Residential Storage Lockers

What is the major shortcoming of wire mesh storage lockers? For the majority of tenants, it’s privacy. Secured lockers are a wonderful benefit, but if anyone can see into them, privacy and security concerns increase. In fact, according to a survey, 61 percent of apartment tenants admitted they were concerned that someone might steal their possessions because they were visible in wire mesh lockers.

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If given the option of storing personal belongings -be it furniture, outdoor equipment, photo boxes, electronics, or anything else of value- most people would prefer to have them protected and secure. Not many would be comfortable having them exposed for anyone to see. Not only can this feel like an invasion of privacy, it also offers people a simple and easy way to view and assess any items of value they could ‘snatch and grab’.

61 percent of survey respondents worried about theft from their wire mesh lockers, and an additional 12 percent of respondents admitted they don’t like that others can see their belongings. In short, privacy is a high priority among tenants who utilize storage on-site.


‘Soft Targets’

Wire mesh lockers are not designed with security in mind. They may offer convenience for tenants, but ultimately, they do little to help protect the personal items stored within.

Wire mesh tenant storage lockers are considered by law enforcement to be ‘soft targets.’ In other words, because the contents can easily be seen, and the lockers are often in less trafficked areas of the building, they become an easy and convenient opportunity for thieves to survey potential items to steal. The wire mesh can easily be bent, cut, or twisted to gain quick access inside.

Important Features

In addition to the top priority of “privacy” survey respondents indicated other important features of storage on-site are (in order of importance):

  • 24-hour access
  • Security cameras in or outside the storage area
  • Built-in lock and key for each unit
  • Brightly lit storage room

Given the option between Bradyl Bins™ and wire mesh lockers, 85 percent said they would prefer the Bradyl Bin™. (13% didn’t care, and only 2% preferred wire mesh)


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A Key to Improved Security

Providing tenants a secure option for storage on-site means offering them secured lockers. Secure means providing those the opportunity to store personal items privately with enclosed tenant storage lockers- this not only offers peace of mind, it also reduces exposure and susceptibility to theft.

While storage on-site may be viewed as an afterthought for some facilities, providing a secure, safe, and convenient option offers tenants something simple wire mesh lockers can’t: true security.

For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties privacy, security, and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.

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