Superior Residential Storage Solution – Without a Cage

Wire storage cages and chain link storage are oftentimes unsightly. They may offer some convenience and a little extra storage for tenants, but they offer nothing in the way of privacy and little more in the way of security.

Major Concern Regarding CHAIN LINK STORAGE and Lockers

Tenants may be content with basic storage lockers, but often that’s the result of few options. Aside from securing an off-site storage facility that offers more privacy and security for the items they store, many tenants simply accept what is offered to them, especially if the only other option is an off-site storage facility.

Apartment storage may certainly offer convenience, but when it involves chain link storage, many tenants are keeping a variety of household items, including some valuable goods, in these units. Having them on display through mesh cages means anyone who has access to those storage areas can see exactly what’s in there.

This can leave some tenants feeling wary or insecure about leaving specific items in these wire mesh lockers or chain link storage. As a result, some tenants are choosing off-site storage facilities or non at all. Yet, with a superior on-site storage solution, they wouldn’t have to.


Tenants’ Worries

One of the common concerns a significant percentage of tenants expressed when it comes to on-site storage solutions involved people being able to see what was inside those chain link storage and therefore making them easy targets for snatch and grab thefts.

superior tenant storageIf tenants are worried about safety and security when it comes to on-site storage, it makes sense that offering them a more secure, private residential storage option would offer greater appeal. These concerns are so pressing for growing numbers of tenants that a larger percentage are willing to pay more for a quality on-site storage solution, especially one like the Bradyl Bin™. In fact, respondents in a survey admitted they would pay anywhere between $10 more per month to up to $200 per month for a Bradyl Bin™ so they could store their personal items in safety and security right there, on site.


Cost Comparisons

Multifamily properties that are considering an improved and innovative storage solution on-site have an opportunity to see firsthand just how cost affordable the Bradyl Bin™ is compared to traditional wire storage cages.

For existing properties, these Bradyl Bins™ can fit into tight, narrow, and evenawkward or angled spaces, helping to maximize return on investment. For new properties, when planning to offer future tenants on-site storage solutions like wire mesh lockers or chain link storage, providing them the option of the Bradyl Bin™ will mean improved comfort and security and a greater perception of value.Residential Storage Alternative

Multifamily property owners and managers can get a free cost comparison for traditional chain link storage and the Bradyl Bins™. For a similar investment, the rewards are significant, not just in overall perception by tenants for this amenity, but also comfort and security for their personal items.

Also consider that a significant percentage of tenants that have off-site storage are far more likely to move their personal items back on-site if Bradyl Bins™ are an option.

A free, no obligation cost comparison is a simple way to see just how affordable Bradyl Bins™ are compared to chain link storage.

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For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties the privacy, security and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.