Survey Shows Bradyl Bins Tenant Storage Lockers are Preferred to Wire Storage

June 23, 2019

With few other options, it’s no surprise that the solution most properties have turned to is wire mesh cages.  Bradyl Bins are the superior option that bring the experience of the spaciousness of a single-family home (with a basement or attic!) to renters everywhere. Private extra storage for multifamily residents is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Trading in wire cages for the Bradyl Bin is an investment in your tenants, property value, and business.

Doing What Wire Mesh Can’t

In a recent consumer survey regarding Tenant Storage Lockers, the results were remarkably in favor of Bradyl Bins enclosed storage units versus wire mesh. Of the respondents we surveyed, 40% live in communities with more than 200 apartment homes on the premises.

  • 85% of respondents preferred Bradyl Bin over wire mesh (13% of respondents had no preference.)
  • 94% of respondents noted they’d be willing to pay an extra $5 per month to use Bradyl Bins compared to what they pay for wire mesh.
  • 20% of respondents would pay at least $30 per month more to use Bradyl Bins compared to what they pay for wire mesh.

There are a number of reasons why Bradyl only provides private storage lockers. Here are two ways wire mesh storage continues to fail customers:

  • Wire mesh cages often used in basement or garage storage jeopardize privacy and security.
  • Wire mesh is ugly. Unsightly amenities make it more challenging to convince tenants to pay monthly for it.

Bradyl Bins are an ideal way to stop subjecting your tenants to an outdated approach to storage.

Superior Multifamily Storage For Small Spaces

At Bradyl Storage Solutions we do much more than guarantee private storage lockers!

Bradyl also specializes in identifying often-overlooked space and implementing innovative storage solutions for these hard-to-fit or limited areas. The Bradyl Box offers a garage storage solution allowing residents to use wasted space above the hood of your car. 

For the first time, tenant, over-the-car lockers can store 900lbs of belonging in their parking space!apartment storage units that are private

Bradyl Storage Solutions delivers durable, damage-resistant and private enclosed tenant storage lockers. Residents trust that their belongings are safe from theft and prying eyes behind the opaque locker walls and appreciate the ability to save space in their homes.

Property owners love Bradyl because they keep multifamily common spaces clean and organized and are customizable. We offer a variety of color options, unit number signage, locks, and other tenant storage locker features to fit your desired aesthetic and functionality. Configure our lockers to fit underutilized spaces, we offer sizes and price points to fit your budget.

Bradyl Storage Solutions can provide storage units for a new apartment complex or existing apartment properties.

Surpass Your Tenants Needs

Bradyl knows it faces a market that’s been around for a while. Consumers are familiar with hauling their belongings far away from home, accessing their outdated storage unit only between the hours of 9am and 5pm, and leaving their valuable under the security of a few cameras.

But imagine if you could offer them so much more.

Tenants want additional storage and wire cages aren’t cutting it anymore. Whether they secure it through your property, a competitor, or on their own, they’ll find a solution that works for them. Be that solution without sacrificing security, privacy, or quality.