Bradyl Storage Solutions conducted a survey about tenant storage lockers at a variety of apartment communities to evaluate the needs and desires of residents. We asked residents to consider issues like privacy, security and convenience then compare Bradyl Bins™ enclosed tenant storage lockers to traditional wire mesh lockers. We discovered that an astounding number of multifamily residents prefer Bradyl Bins™. This strong preference means Bradyl Bins™ can provide a higher return on investment for property owners!

Tenant Storage Locker Survey Results

The results were remarkably in favor of Bradyl Bins™ enclosed storage units. Of the respondents we surveyed, 40% live in communities with more than 200 apartment homes on the premises

  • 85% of respondents preferred Bradyl Bins™. 13% of respondents had no preference.
  • 94% of respondents noted they’d be willing to pay an extra $5 per month to use Bradyl Bins™
  • 1 in 5 respondents would pay at least $30 per month more to use Bradyl Bins™

Better Return on Investment

Whether it is used for recreational, seasonal or sentimental belongings, multifamily residents commonly identify extra storage as a top amenity. Provide additional on-site storage space and you will quickly become more attractive to prospective renters over your competitors.

How much value can Bradyl Bins™ add to your multifamily property?

If you were to install 200 tenant storage lockers and charge an extra $5 per month per unit, a property with a 100% rent rate could see an additional $1,000 per month toward the property’s bottom line.

And, if residents are willing to pay up to $30 per month extra, then you could see an additional $6,000 per month in revenue!

If you have been comparing traditional wire storage lockers to enclosed units, our survey shows the right choice is a no-brainer.

Residents & Property Owners love Bradyl Bins™

Bradyl Storage Solutions delivers durable, damage-resistant and private enclosed tenant storage lockers. Residents trust that their belongings are safe from theft behind the opaque locker walls and appreciate the ability to save space. Property owners love Bradyl because they keep multifamily common spaces clean and organized and can be fully customized. We offer a variety of color options, unit number signage, locks and other locker features to fit your desired aesthetic. Configure our lockers to fit underutilized spaces, we offer sizes and price points to fit your needs.

Bradyl Storage Solutions can provide storage units for a new apartment complex or install storage for existing apartment properties.

Choose an upgrade from wire storage lockers and install a tenant preferred storage locker system. Enjoy the benefits that follow! Contact us online by completing a short form or call 240-812-7012.

We were pleasantly surprised with the product delivered and service we received. The residents were happy to be provided with quality storage units as well as the income generated for our annual budget. We had a total of 15 units built in a quick, clean, and professional manner and as a result, we were able to generate revenue in our first year to pay back the investment cost. The experience far exceeded our expectations and we will continue to recommend Bradyl Storage Solutions with two thumbs up!”

– Edward Bucaj
CFM Management Services