Three Reasons to Add Additional Storage

January 23, 2019

3 Reasons to Add Additional Storage to Your Property with Bradyl Storage Solutions
Residents quote extra space as one of the top amenities they can’t live without. Up your amenity game by adding apartment storage units to your buildings with Bradyl Storage. We’ll help you increase your revenue and ROI by all by adding in or using underutilized space using Bradyl Bins™ an attractive, cost-effective alternative to wire mesh partitions.

Privacy and Safety: Make your storage rooms more appealing
If you’re having trouble renting your current apartment storage units, it could be because residents don’t like what you have. Existing storage rooms made of wire mesh are just not private enough for residents. Wire mesh storage units allow anyone and everyone to see what’s inside and expose the contents to dust and garage exhaust. At Bradyl Storage, we create and install Bradyl Bins which are private, attractive, enclosed storage units ideal for keeping personal belongings safe from the elements and onlookers. The ceilings are wire mesh which allows penetration of your sprinkler systems, and a way for management to look into the units if necessary. Master keyed locks are also available if management prefers easier to access the units.

Aesthetics and Curb Appeal: Are your residents’ balconies littered with junk?
Are your residents’ balconies littered with junk? We can help increase your building’s curb appeal by getting junk off resident’s balconies which inherently increases the properties value and marketability. At the same time, you will also increase the value of the property by turning unused space into income generating apartment storage units that your residents will love. Our creative approach and innovative product offerings amplify your usable space while fitting your budget and renter’s needs.

Increased Ancillary Revenue: More rentable square footage = More $$!
Bradyl Storage Solutions assesses your property to discover untapped space that can be used for storage units. We help our clients find storage space that isn’t in obvious locations and turn that unused space into revenue. In one case, we added 15 Bradyl Bins in corners of a parking garage for a client and increased their ancillary income by 5%; increasing the value of their asset by $400,000. Another strategy is to increase your apartment units rent by throwing in a free apartment storage unit!

Bradyl Bins Storage™ Units have rapid ROI (often less than 1 year!) Bradyl Storage Solutions.