Top Ten Apartment Amenities

January 23, 2019

Top 10 Apartment Amenities Tenants Are No Longer Willing to Compromise On

Apartment tenants rent their homes for one to ten years plus. With the exception of job or relationship changes, amenities are usually what makes the difference between a long-lasting resident and someone for the year. The cost of rent is no longer the end all be all. Residents are on the search for convenience, variety, options, and value.

ApartmentGuide has surveyed thousands of the most successful multi-family apartment complexes in search of the ideal apartment amenities lists to better understand what attracts and keeps happy tenants. From affordable extravagance to absolute must-haves, here are the top 10 apartment amenities tenants are no longer willing to compromise on.

Different Types of Amenities

When it comes to understanding the best apartment amenities, they have to be divided into two categories–unit specific and community specific. Unit-specific refers to bonus features that can easily be added or removed from an apartment unit while the community amenities benefit the complex as a whole but is often more expensive or challenging to add or remove.

In no particular order, here’s what your current and future tenants are looking for before they sign or renew their lease along with whether or not it is a community or unit amenity.  

Pet Policy

According to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 68 percent of U.S. households have a pet. Eventually, apartment complexes understood that nearly 85 million families was a huge chunk of their market and accepted pets. With the added liability, pet deposits and an additional pet fee each month is common, but tenants have always been more than willing to accommodate for their fur family members.

Washer and Dryer

Being able to do your laundry whenever you want should be a basic human right according to apartment tenants, but it’s not a cheap amenity and often helps apartments rate as luxury if it comes with a wash and dryer. However, the capability for tenants to install their own is a good second-place option with a community laundromat in a distant third. Tenants are no longer willing to settle for off-site laundry days unless rent is exceptionally low.

High-Tech Appliances

Looking to save money as you prepare to land your next lease? Appliances are not where you want to cut corners. From the dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave and beyond–these tools will be a very active part of tenants daily life and are a surprisingly important factor when it comes to a potential resident choosing between you and your competitor.

Fitness Center

A fitness center or mini-gym has become a staple community amenity. It’s almost surprising to not see one within an apartment complex. Though it depends on who you market to, a gym is a big seller to millennials who want to be able to get a workout in without dealing with traffic or a monthly membership.


Pools are a no brainer and in places like Florida and California, a pool is an essential apartment amenity. It is an expensive addition if it’s not already a part of the complex and requires regular maintenance. But there’s no denying that it provides a competitive edge for its appeal.

Recycling Center

More and more people are going green and have become conscious of recycling. Recycling is more challenging for apartment residents than those who live in homes. Having a recycling system in place may not be what a tenant will seek out in their next apartment, but it is a unique and progressive feature that stands out and is becoming more and more important.

Gated Access

Gate access is a necessary security feature. Besides the cameras and limited access to the neighborhood, gate access is considered one of the best apartment amenities for two unique reasons: the feeling of safety and the look of exclusivity.

Access to Public Transportation

Depending on where you’re located, the importance of having access to public transportation may vary but it’s becoming increasingly popular everywhere. Most common features of this top amenity include a bus stop right at the entrance of the community or a carpool system in place.

Community Space

A community space or apartment clubhouse is an essential apartment amenity and important addition to the neighborhood. Feature residents enjoy how these spaces elevate the value of their apartment complex.

They look for a variety of things offered in this space but the most commonly included are an area for lounging, a computer room with modern equipment including a print and copy machine, games like pool or table tennis, tea, and coffee, and potentially a movie room. There are all sorts of ways to be creative with a community space and it’s always appreciated.

Secure Storage

Multifamily properties are desperate for privacy, security, and an efficient way to store their belongings. Bradyl storage Solutions quickly picked up on a need that had been ignored by offer affordable and flexible ways to provide one of the best amenities that can be offered.

Space is never an issue for Bradyl.  Storage unit sizes are customizable and there are even freestanding, secure, economical storage lockers that provide easily-accessible storage above the hood of your residents’ cars. Changing your pet policy, building a pool, or adding a gym may not be something you can bring your community so easily–but now, efficient storage is.

With the size and installation variations, Bradyl can serve as community amenity or a unit-specific amenity giving tenants the option to pay a few bucks each month to use.

Bradyl Storage wants the best for you and your residents. Now you can access the opportunity to increase the value of your property with the addition one of the best apartment amenities that tenants are no longer willing to compromise on.