When residents are on the hunt for the perfect community, there are a host of things they seek. From spacious floor plans to an ideal location to lots of amenities, residents evaluate everything. However, a recent study showed that there are five most-requested amenities that appear in a majority of apartment searches. Many of the most-sought after amenities are practically standard when it comes to apartment communities these days, but the fourth most popular amenity listed is something that can set you apart from your competitors – extra storage space!

Top Five Amenities
1. Fitness Center
2. Pool
3. High-end Appliances
4. Extra Storage Space
5. Recycling

Some properties are focusing on amenities like playgrounds, dog parks, and vegetable gardens while overlooking the more desired and income-generating amenity of extra storage. Extra storage space brings in more income per square foot than an apartment and much more revenue per square foot than a parking space.

Offering extra storage space can set you apart from your competitors. Apartment living can mean that residents just don’t have enough space for all of their belongings, no matter how spacious your floor plans might be. Extra storage is a feature that residents are desperately seeking. Residents want the opportunity to store things on-site for easy access and are willing to pay an additional fee for it.

Get More From Your Apartment Storage Units Than Just Wire Mesh Lockers

While many properties offer options like wire mesh storage lockers, there’s a better and more popular product. Bradyl BinsTM offer a secure and customizable storage system that residents will love. These storage lockers are durable and damage-resistant and come with a variety of add-ons to allow you to provide the best storage solution for your multifamily property. No matter the space you have allotted to on-site resident storage, Bradyl BinsTM can accommodate it. Our products can products can fit low ceilings, structural supports, or even curved walls in apartment garages.

And, perhaps one of the best parts about Bradyl BinsTM is that residents prefer them over traditional options and are willing to pay more per month for them. Our survey determined that nearly every respondent would be willing to pay an additional $5 per month for our solution while one in five would be willing to spend an additional $30 per month for access to Bradyl BinsTM.

If you’re looking to install an in-demand on-site storage system at your property, contact us today to see what types of options will work for you!

See how our customizable solutions out-perform wire storage cages.

“We were pleasantly surprised with the product delivered and service we received. The residents were happy to be provided with quality storage units as well as the income generated for our annual budget. We had a total of 15 units built in a quick, clean, and professional manner and as a result, we were able to generate revenue in our first year to pay back the investment cost. The experience far exceeded our expectations and we will continue to recommend Bradyl Storage Solutions with two thumbs up!”

– Edward Bucaj
CFM Management Services