Unique Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

January 23, 2019

Apartment complex self-storage units
Finding extra storage in small spaces can be challenging for residents. If there is one thing that residents are always in search of, it’s more storage! Providing unique storage solutions for your residents can set you above the competition when it comes to how people decide where to put down roots. Something as simple as offering additional storage in the form of self-storage units, bike racks, or added shelving can make a huge impact on someone’s choice in housing. Here are some things you can do to provide additional on-site storage for your residents’ convenience.

Storage Units

First and foremost, residents seek out properties with additional on-site storage in the form of secured units. With Bradyl Bins, you can offer convenient apartment complex self-storage units that will allow residents to store their belongings in a private space. Our storage units are lockable and completely private, unlike traditional mesh storage options. In addition, we can customize Bradyl Bins to fit your unique space!

Bike Racks

Bike storage is one of the most requested amenities by prospective residents – especially if your property is located in a bike-friendly neighborhood. Providing a secure place for bike storage is critical to many active residents. However, just installing a bike rack outside your property doesn’t cut it anymore. Residents want convenient and secure storage that doesn’t leave them fighting with the elements. Bradyl offers a unique bike storage solution for properties that reduces wasted space and keeps bikes safe from theft and unfortunate weather. Our stackable and modular design offers single- or double-sided configurations that maximize the space you have, and these systems can be used in designated storage areas or even parking garages.


What’s more impressive than a beautifully organized closet? Setting your residents up for success when it comes to a functional closet is key. That’s why installing shelving in your property’s closets can give you an edge over the competition. Wire shelving or custom closet storage solutions can attract more residents. Closet space is a huge selling point and maximizing the space provided makes your property even more attractive. Whether you’re interested in adding custom shelving options or cost-effective wire solutions, we’re here to help!

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“Bradyl provided superior service from design support through actual installation and completion. Their turnkey service was impeccable and exceeded the owner’s expectations. I would definitely look for Bradyl in the future for storage solutions projects.”

– Johny Ramia
Project Manager at Signal Construction