What Can Your Rate of Return Look Like With Bradyl Bins?

January 23, 2019

When you invest in Bradyl Bins, you’re not only giving your residents a safe and secure place to keep their belongings, but you are increasing potential income by adding custom-designed sets of multifamily storage units to your property. Durable and damage-resistant, our indoor units have been proven to be both practical and economical.

We were recently approached by a property management client that completed its newest complex in Alexandria, Virginia, with a rush order to install multifamily storage units in their building’s designated storage room. After expediting the order and installing the bins to the client’s satisfaction, we were called with another issue. They sold out of units! Ordering more storage units, we helped them find locations in their parking garage where new bins could be added. They are currently on their third round of orders to fulfill their waitlist of eager residents.

With the complete addition of their storage units, our client has the potential to net $50,160 per year, paying off their original investment of $53,413 in just 13 months! Through the demands they are continuing to receive, our client was able to increase their rate of return just by providing convenient, multifamily storage bins for their residents.

While each building’s needs and capacity are different, extra space is valuable space. Residents are always looking for ways to store items at storage facilities. Whether you are constructing a new property or retrofitting your existing one, let in-house storage with Bradyl Bins be a luxury amenity at your property.

Contact us today to learn more about storage options that will work for your property and find out how much your rate of return could increase with your investment in Bradyl Bins!

“Bradyl was very understanding of our needs to provide our residents with quality storage lockers. Their product was custom tailored to fit the space available. The installation and product is top notch.”

– Robert Turner
Senior Manager at Allen & Rocks, Inc