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Wire Mesh Storage is Asking for Trouble

With visible contents often stored in less secure areas of a building, wire mesh cages are soft targets. Thieves have time to discreetly search storage cages and break in if they see something valuable. Wire mesh cages weren’t built with security in mind … anything visible is more likely to be a target. I’ve seen chain links bent and pushed aside to remove items. Privacy is the biggest theft deterrent: belongings should be concealed to avoid being chosen as a target, and units should be secured. The core locks that Bradyl offers as an upgrade are an excellent added security measure. Bradyl Bins are far superior to wire mesh cages from a security standpoint.”

– Phil Meyer
Maryland Police Sergeant

Nicholas Donato, Detective - Retired - Rockville, MD

For About the Same Price as Wire Mesh, Give Your Tenants What They Prefer:

Bradyl Bin™ Quality!


Of Renters Prefer Wire Mesh


Of Renters Prefer Bradyl Bins Over Wire Mesh Lockers


Of Renters Have No Preference

Source: Haven Insights – 2017 nationwide independent research study of apartment renters

6 Good Reasons to Learn More About Bradyl Bins™

Bradyl Storage Solutions are Economical


Surprisingly affordable Brady Bins™ make inferior wire mesh seem…well, obsolete.

Bradyl Storage Solutions are Secure


Privacy of Bradyl Bins™ means less risk of theft as compared to options that expose a resident’s belongings.

Bradyl Storage Solutions are Durable


Hot-dipped galvanized heavy gauge steel door frames and corrugated wall panels provide strength for a self-supporting system.

Bradyl Storage Solutions are Flexible


Custom design and fabrication allows for monetization of “dead space” for an improved bottom line. Optional add-ons offer opportunities for enhanced durability, security, and aesthetics.

Bradyl Storage Solutions are Adaptable


Bradyl Bins™ require no mechanical, engineering, or plumbing (MEP) changes.

Bradyl Storage Solutions are Reliable


Count on Bradyl Storage Solutions to provide outstanding attention to detail and service.

For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties privacy, security, and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.

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Bradyl Bin Storage Example
Bradyl Bin
Bradyl Box Storage Example