Top 7 Benefits of Free-Standing Storage Units

Storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes. There are wire tenant lockers, chain-link cages, faraway sheds that come with a pricey monthly fee, and pods that are unsightly with limited functionality. And then, there’s Bradyl.

Bradyl regards all space as a premium and we base our design technology on using that valuable square footage as efficiently as possible while remaining versatile, affordable, and profitable for property owners.

One of our most popular products is the Bradyl Box, a free-standing storage unit. After thorough market research, we’ve discovered the top 7 benefits of a free-standing storage solution and guarantee the Bradyl Box will meet them all.

1.  Easy Assembly

We’re proud of our storage solutions and offer you the ability to provide your tenants with the benefits of a secure unit right away. What tenants and property owners really want are storage solutions that don’t take weeks or months to build.

The need for an easy assembly is met in the no-nonsense approach Bradyl takes to free-standing storage units. Easy to follow assembly instructions and required hand tools are included with every box. The Bradyl Box is configured to fit an 8’ wide parking space so you don’t need to construct additional buildings to give residents the extra storage they need.

2. Space Efficient

Oftentimes, utilitarian spaces like parking areas, basements, and laundry rooms serve a purpose but aren’t reimagined to also be used for resident storage. Using free-standing storage units in parking garages breathes new life into wasted square footage and allows it to serve two purposes instead of one. Our Bradyl Boxes turn empty garage space into secure, convenient storage. These over-the-hood storage units provide additional space within a covered parking garage setting. Parking areas are some of the biggest wastes of usable space at any multifamily property, but by installing our free-standing storage units, you’ll enhance the appeal of your amenities and edge out the competition.

We even offer options to utilize wasted space in stairwells or under ramps. Do you have a lot of active residents looking for convenient bike storage? Our indoor bike racks can make excellent use of wasted space inside while providing convenient storage for your residents. Outdoor bike racks don’t work for every climate – especially the Northeast. But storage needs are going unmet nationwide and a major reason is a lack of space efficiency–until now.

Bradyl Box - Space is Profit - After
Bradyl Box - Space is Precious - Before

3. Modern

While free-standing storage units are meant to be practical, they don’t have to be a complete eye-sore. Tenants want amenities that are functional and attractive. Bradyl was sure to include custom color options for the Bradyl Box, putting the fun in functional.

4. Accessible

Accessibility is key to the success of free-standing storage units. Our unique Bradyl Box is car and truck friendly and stands on stable legs just above the hood of a standard vehicle and is placed in a tenant’s designated parking space. No more driving down rows and rows of units looking for your storage amongst hundreds of other units.

The Bradyl box can fit an adult size bike but is also built so that smaller items are accessible and in plain sight. The clearance under the box can range from 39.5 inches to 52 inches. No more digging and diving for valuables. Tenants can keep their belongings within an arm’s reach.

5. Portable

Permanent storage units can be in the way and limit the scope of what changes can be done to a property, therefore limiting growth or expansion. Should expansion of property progress, permanent storage units would be destroyed and be a total financial loss.

Portability in a free-standing storage unit is a unique feature that comes in handy should the property require construction, convenient for a tenant was moving to another apartment in the same complex, and provides added versatility. Weighing over 500 pounds, the unit cannot be easily moved unless the property management facilitates it.

6. Easy Maintenance

Tenants belongings are only as maintained as the free-standing storage unit that contains them. Cleaning and maintaining a storage unit should not require the hiring of a specialty team except under rare circumstances.  Bradyl’s units are built to last. The rust resistant powder-coated solid steel construction was designed to withstand years of use and multiple turnovers..

7. Keeps Belongings Close to Home

The final benefit of modern storage solutions are that residents really want their belongings close to  home. One of the biggest complaints the standard off-site storage user has is the distance between them and their valuables. With Bradyl, storage comes to you. Keeping items under the same roof as their home gives residents a sense of security and increases the storage units usability.

More Than a Feature


On-site free-standing storage units are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Bradyl continues to seek user feedback and promises to check off every box. Beyond convenient and cheaper than a shed, the expectation of benefits sought in a free-standing storage unit continues to rise and Bradyl continues to keep up.

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