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Benefits of Free-Standing Storage Units

Storage Space is Always at a Premium

Multifamily properties are always in search of additional storage space for residents as it’s a top-requested amenity.

Free-standing storage units can provide much-needed space in spots that already exist but aren’t being used to their full potential. Think about the wasted space on your property – do you have areas that could be used for additional storage?

Oftentimes, utilitarian spaces like parking areas, basements, and laundry rooms serve a purpose but aren’t reimagined to also be used for resident storage. Using free-standing storage units in these spaces can breathe new life into wasted square footage and allow it to serve two purposes instead of one. Bradyl offers a variety of storage solutions to fit the space that you’re wasting. Laundry rooms and basements provide the perfect space to install our customizable Bradyl BinsTM, which can keep residents’ personal belongings safe and secure right on-site. They can be configured to fit the space you already have, so you don’t need to construct additional buildings to give residents the extra storage they need.

If you have wasted space in parking garages, whether in corners or above vehicles, we have free-standing storage units for that, too! Our Bradyl BoxesTM turn empty garage space into secure, convenient storage. These over-car storage units provide additional space within a covered parking garage setting. Parking areas are some of the biggest wastes of usable space at any multifamily property, but by installing our free-standing storage units, you’ll enhance the appeal of your amenities and edge out the competition.

We even offer options to utilize wasted space in stairwells or under ramps. Do you have a lot of active residents looking for convenient bike storage? Our indoor bike racks can make excellent use of wasted space inside while providing convenient storage for your residents. Outdoor bike racks don’t work for every climate – especially the Northeast. Offer indoor bike storage to residents for the active season with racks and for the off-season with free-standing storage units can set you ahead of your competition.

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