How Much Could Your Property Value Increase With Bradyl Bins?

January 23, 2019

How Much Could Your Property Value Increase with Bradyl Bins?
Bradyl Bins are great for your residents, but also benefit your bottom line. Two of the financial advantages of making an investment in Bradyl Bins™ Storage Units are ancillary income and increase property value.

Apartment storage lockers are an ideal option for keeping residents’ personal belongings on-property, as well as safe, secure and separated in multi-family building common areas. Our lockers can be custom designed and configured in endless ways for the most efficient use of available space. Durable and damage-resistant, indoor storage units are economical and practical for both new and retrofit construction.

By installing Bradyl Bins, not only will you provide convenient storage for your residents, you can increase your monthly income. Residents are more than willing to pay for extra storage and cite extra storage as one of the most sought-after amenities at any property. Whether you have new construction or are looking to retrofit your existing property, our storage solutions can provide a rapid return on investment – in fact, you could see returns in less than a year!

A new construction client came to us to provide a storage solution beyond the typical wire mesh partitions. With 61 storage units of varying sizes on the property, this client has the potential to net $58,800 per year, which at a 6% cap rate increases his property value by almost $1,000,000.

Adding that many units might not be an option for every property. However, you can increase your potential income with just a few units. Another client elected to install four of our units – one large and three small. With just four, the potential monthly income is $1,025 – a total of $12,300 annually. Assuming at a cap rate of 6%, Bradyl Bins increased the property’s value by over $200,000.

Contact us today to discuss storage options for your property and find out how much your property value could increase with a reasonable investment!

Lindsay and her team did a great job for us at a large multi-family project we own in Northern Virginia. Her team was very effective in designing and implementing a strategy for previously unutilized space, which led to immediate increases in income.

I enjoyed working with her on this project and would recommend her services to anyone looking to add new sources of storage income across their portfolio.

– Nicolas Franzetti
Senior Vice President at ASB Capital Management