The Bradyl BinTM Enhancements

Upgrade Options

Customize the Details With Enhancements and Add-ons

Once you’ve decided to add a revenue-driving self-storage system to your property, you will want to protect your investment and customize the details to your specific needs. From self-draining floors and DiamondPlate corner guards to bolt resistant Core Locks, Bradyl Storage Solutions offers a number of upgrades and enhancements to improve the aesthetic, security and lifespan of your enclosed storage units.

Bradyl BinTM Standard Features

Bradyl Bin Standard Features - Swing Door

Swing Door

Economical corrugated swing doors require minimal headers and open a full 180° to allow convenient access while moving items in and out of the unit. Swing doors are custom sized in widths up 3’-2” and heights up to 6’10”.

Bradyl Bin Standard Features - Slide Latch

Slide Latch

A slide latch is our standard offering and is factory installed on the swing door. Available in gold tone, the latch can receive a resident padlock and property management overlock if needed.

Bradyl Bin Standard Features - Wire Mesh Ceiling

Wire Mesh Ceiling

2”x2” 16 gauge wire mesh ceilings are a cost-effective theft deterrent. Wire mesh provides security between units while still permitting penetration by lighting and fire penetration systems.

Bradyl BinTM Upgrade Options

Bradyl Bin Upgrade Options - Roll-up Door

Roll-Up Door

A space saver, roll-up doors do not require swing clearance, which is advantageous in parking garages. Wider doors are useful when storing large items or building maintenance equipment. Doors are available up to 6’0” wide and 6’10” high.

Bradyl Bin Upgrade Options - Core Lock

Core Lock

Individually Keyed and Master Keyed
A security enhancement, core locks are not susceptible to removal by bolt cutters. Core locks allow management to issue keys and provide the additional option of a master key. They can be easily changed without special tools if needed.

Bradyl Bin Upgrade Options - DiamondPlate Kick Plates & Corner Guard

DiamondPlate Kick Plates & Corner Guard

These steel sheets protect your storage unit’s walls and hallway corners. Installed along the bottom of the exterior walls and on exposed corners, they protect the storage units from scratches and dents.

Bradyl Bin Upgrade Options - Unit Number Signage

Unit Number Signage

Standard and ADA/Braille
Professional signage is available in 4”x4” faux aluminum with raised black lettering. ADA compliant signs are available.

ada strap kits

ADA Accessibility Strap Kits

Roll-Up Door Kit/Swing Door Kit
Placard in Braille. Latch pull with ‘S’ hook. Handle pull (swing door option) / bottom bar rope pull (roll up door option). Door loop pull with bolt.

Bradyl Bin Upgrade Options - Double Tier Lockers

Double Tier Lockers

Double tier lockers are ideal for buildings that desire a large number of storage spaces but have a limited amount of space.


  • Opaque walls for protection, security, and privacy
  • Customizable configurations and sizes for hard-to-fit spaces
  • Attractive structures available in a variety of colors and options
  • Wire mesh ceilings that allow for overhead lighting, ventilation and fire suppression systems to function effectively
  • Additional options available for added safety and durability including steel kick plates, corner guards, steel burglar bars, visibility windows, and master keys
  • Available as full height walk-ins or as double-stacked apartment storage lockers

For about the same price as wire mesh on-site storage, give residents in your multifamily properties privacy, security, and quality of Bradyl Bins and Bradyl Boxes.

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